International Schools In Pune Are Optimizing Modern Education & Here’s Why You Should Know About It

14 June 2021
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For a city that's highly into academics, schools in Pune are adapting to new technology and methods fast. Podar International School, one of the best international schools in Pune is dedicated to providing world-class access to the latest technology and methods in modern education quite ahead of ICSE and CBSE schools in Pune. In the current world, education encompasses more than just the paper and pen method of teaching, it builds skills and abilities in students that are interdisciplinary in approach which builds a more modern and holistic outlook of life, an approach that the best CBSE schools and ISC schools are slowly adopting. They are taught real-life practical skills which have current relevance instead of focusing on a more traditional outlook which is probably a little outdated in its approach. This elevates the child’s understanding and better equip them with skills that later lands them a high-paying job. From using technology to promoting interdisciplinary learning, the latest breakthroughs in education in India are many, here are some modern innovations in education parents can look forward to.

  • One of the most important approaches in modern education is interdisciplinary learning. A child should have the ability to integrate the learnings of physical sciences into our current social climate. Without placing importance in just one field, this broadens your child’s outlooks and makes them equipped to handle problems of any nature. They learn how to solve modern problems with an interdisciplinary approach.
  • Less Student to teacher ratio makes learning individualized and helps teachers to devote more attention to the unique problems of a student. Due to the over-cramming of students in schools in Pune, students don’t get their due attention. However, in international schools like Podar International, a low student class strength ensures that your child gets the individualized attention she deserves.
  • Teachers and educators go beyond textbooks as textbooks can’t have all the information regarding a subject. They inculcate information from research articles, online articles, and videos.
  • A collaborative environment is encouraged in the classroom where children are taught to work with others and combine their skills and strengths on projects that boosts the value of teamwork in children.
  • Creating a visual learning environment using projectors, video learning modules, presentations, and incorporating the internet encourages interest in the subject and makes learning an engaging experience for students.
  • Encouraging freedom in learning provides students an untethered access to knowledge that celebrates a child’s curiosity, encourages entrepreneurship, inventive ideas, drives innovation in children that encourage children to delve into research, craftsmanship, and scientific endeavours from a young age.
  • Access to World-Class Higher Education - Since International Schools like Podar equip their students with an international standard of education, they get better access to world-class colleges. International schools have dedicated counsellors that help students with the application to these colleges every step of the way.

Podar International School is a fine example of optimizing modern education. In Pune, our branches can be found at -

School in Wakad
School in Wagholi
School in Pimpri
School in Chinchwad
School in Ambegaon
School in Ambethan, Chakan
School in Rohakal, Chakan
School in Sara City, Chakan
School in Talegaon

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