Keep It Healthy: Tips & Tricks For Students To Deal With Competition

30 March 2021
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It’s a complex world out there. Kids are constantly pitted against one another and are expected to give their best and 100% at all times. Kids tend to get competitive, which is good as long as the competition is healthy. While it's important to keep that competitive spirit going, it’s also necessary to tell them where to draw the line. By enrolling your kids at schools such as Podar International, that's one worry less for you. Why? Because we teach our students to be competitive but the right way. Here’s what we do to cultivate healthy competition in children.

It’s Alright To Lose

More often than usual, kids are always told that when they participate in competitions or even appear for exams, it’s necessary for them to come first. That’s the wrong approach. Coming first and winning shouldn’t be the only goal. You need to make it about the journey. And that’s what we teach children at Podar. Kids need to understand that just like winning is great, it’s also okay to lose. It’s about what you learn through your process of participating in a competition, rather than what you’ve won at the end. This way, they will develop the right attitude towards any competition...or even just life. They will understand early on that every situation won’t always be in their favour.

No Comparison

A common mistake made by parents and teachers, and eventually by children themselves, is constant comparison. “XYZ is better than you at studies'' or “ABC is so much fitter”; these lines are loosely said by parents or teachers and may be you think that this will motivate your child to do better, in reality, some children develop self esteem issues. Constant comparison can lead to superiority or inferiority complexes among kids, and is definitely unhealthy. Kids don’t develop real relationships, land up looking down on those who may not be at par with them in some sense. Hence, any of the best schools in India will always steer clear from making unnecessary comparisons and will advise the same to parents and students alike.

Learning From Your Failures/Mistakes

Like we said earlier, it’s always about the journey. One must let their children learn all along and even if they fail at the end, they’ve still learnt a valuable lesson. Children should always be encouraged to look back and ponder over what they did wrong so they can take measures to rectify it and not repeat their mistakes in the future. Be it school competitions or even playful games played with family and friends, there’s something to learn everywhere.

Teamwork Makes Dreamwork

Kids should be encouraged to participate in activities together. Why? Because this way they will learn to adapt to new people, environments and situations and learn to control their own temperament and others’ too. When you work on a project together as a team or participate in competitions together, you are given scope to showcase your individual strengths and personalities and you learn to cover up for each other’s weaknesses. This imbibes a healthy team spirit from a very young age. At Podar International School, we highly recommend this.

Give Your 100%

Lastly, children must always be taught the #nevergiveup attitude and to always give their 100%. No matter what the outcome, the satisfaction of trying and giving their all is unmatched. This was, whether they win or lose, they know they gave their best shot.

Any of the best schools in India will always encourage their students to have a positive outlook towards life and try to reinforce the above points. If you’re looking to get your kids enrolled in a school that practices what they preach, check out Podar International School.

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