5 Things to Consider Before Applying for Admission to Podar International School in Rajkot

13 May 2024
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Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision that requires careful consideration, time and effort. Give your apprehensions and worries a rest as your search ends with Podar International School, Rajkot. Renowned for its unwavering commitment, academic excellence, excellent pedagogy and state-of-the-art infrastructure, give your child the right exposure with Podar. This guide will help you understand our values and offerings and important information regarding our admissions process this year.

The Podar Promise
The Podar family has been committed to education for over nine decades, always keeping quality at the forefront of their work. Annually, Podar International Schools and Podar Partner Schools provide education to over 2,30,000 students. We help them become lifelong learners, instil timeless values, and offer them the resources they require to be upstanding citizens of the nation. Podar International School in Rajkot has truly created a nurturing learning community, aiming to develop globally aware, self-sufficient individuals by implementing internationally acknowledged curriculum and learner-centric teaching strategies.

Extracurricular Activities
To ensure that students appreciate sports and develop the qualities that these extracurricular activities cultivate in athletes, each activity has a carefully thought-out curriculum that is taught systematically and scientifically. We bring out a team of carefully selected specialist coaches in certain sports areas to motivate students to participate in national and state competitions and to build critical skills such as leadership, strategic thinking, and attentiveness. Podar provides a wide selection of comprehensive performing arts workshops for students to choose from to empower our young learners and encourage them to follow their passion. Dance, singing, debate or theatre- Podar students are encouraged to pursue their hobbies and interests!

Focus on STEM Learning
Students can acquire practical skills in the latest innovations like robotics, virtual reality, and 3D printing through state-of-the-art innovation laboratories at Podar schools. At Podar International School, Rajkot, students learn programming, automation, and coding, and many more STEM aligned subjects, along with their prescribed curriculum. We urge students to apply their knowledge and tackle problems via design by using 3D printing. Furthermore, virtual reality enables them to investigate and learn about challenging environments and remote locations.

The Right Faculty
At Podar International School, Rajkot, we consider the staff the most precious asset and take the teaching role seriously. Our teachers are always improving their craft to keep up with the times. Leadership and employees at Podar can take coaching courses to hone skills, including communication, presentation, and classroom management. Established in 2015, the Podar evaluation system aims to uphold strict teaching quality criteria. This method promotes continuous development, mutual respect and trust, evaluation and creativity, professional competence, and a commitment to excellence.

Fee Structure
It is crucial to understand the cost structure of Podar International School in Rajkot before enrolling your child there. New students must pay INR 57,143 for Nursery through Senior KG, while returning students must pay INR 52,748. The cost of tuition for primary school (classes 1–5) is INR 60,880 for both new and returning students. The cost for both new and returning students in the Secondary portion (Classes 6–10) is INR 67,944. The cost for new and returning students in Classes 11–12 for Senior Secondary, Commerce, and Science is INR 66,500 and INR 69,744, respectively. Parents may make well-informed decisions regarding their child's education at Podar International School by being aware of these pricing structures, guaranteeing a smooth registration procedure.

In conclusion, when applying for admission at Podar International School in Rajkot, different things that affect a holistic education experience should be considered. Everything from fee structure to facilities provided, the quality of faculty, and the school's values should be considered before applying! Our mission is to provide an enabling environment where every learner joining us at PIS feels valued. Enrolling your child in Podar this admission season? Follow our link to the online admissions portal and start your child’s learning journey with Podar today!


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