Kids On The Move: Why Podar's Multi-City School Options Make It Easier For Parents

15 February 2021
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In today’s times as career-chasing parents, you’re always unsure of two things- what will be your next job and where will your next job take you. And if you happen to be a parent in a transferable job, then starting the school admission process with each transfer is a tedious affair. Not only is it a hassle for you to look for new schools, it’s also troublesome for your child to adjust to a completely new and unfamiliar environment each and every time. Let alone the fact that their syllabus might change and the process of learning and adjusting will begin from scratch.

However, if you choose Podar International School- which happens to be one of the best schools in India- this might be one less trouble for you. With the school having centres across the country, it will be easier for you and your child to hop, skip and jump, and the transfer application from one school to another will be swifter.

Here is what we can do to make it easy for you and your child to take a school transfer within Podar International School.

Right Curriculum

Podar International School, across all its school branches, maintains an identical curriculum. Thanks to the Podar Innovation Centre (PIC), we have a centralised curriculum, teachers training and conduction of exams. This means that every branch of the school treats and teaches students in the exact same manner. The PIC focuses on creating a comprehensive plan that will help and guide students over the years. Additionally, the PIC curriculum adheres to the guidelines set by the CBSE, ICSE, CAIE and the Maharashtra State Board, and it encourages students to approach education with an open mind and problem-solving attitude. There is a reason Podar International School is considered among the best schools in India. This also makes it easier for students to adjust to another Podar International School branch without feeling uncomfortable and intimidated.

Inclusive Environment

At Podar International School, all students are given equal importance and are treated the same way. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying or any other unruly activities and strive hard to make it a safe space for children. Our teachers are approachable and caring, making it easier for kids to converse and open to them. When it comes to academics, due to a student transfer if any pupil is not able to cope with studies, then the teachers will take extra classes and focus more on their overall growth and help them cope.

Multiple Locations

With over 93 years of experience in the education sector, Podar International School has not one or two or three, but a whopping 131 educational institutes across the country, and 360 Podar Jumbo Kids centres in India. From Ahmedabad to Gwalior, Mumbai to Mysore, Podar International School is all over, making school transfers an easy-peasy affair. The best part is that there’s a swift online school admission process so you actually don’t have to move an inch.

No Extra Cost For Transfers

In case you thought that student transfers come along with any added costs, then let us burst that bubble too. At Podar International School, the student transfer process does not entail any extra costs. The only deficit one may need to pay is the difference in the school fees (if any) between the two locations.

Podar Alumni Are Given Preference

It is a fact that if you are already a student on Podar International School and seek an internal transfer to another location, you are given preference. This is simply because you are already a part of the alumni, are aware of how we are as a school and know your way around (like we do with you). Hence, it is much easier for you to get a seat in one of the best schools in India at a much faster pace!

If you are looking for online school admissions this year, check out this link. For more information on the various offerings of Podar International School, read our blog.

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