Mindfulness - our promise to not just educate but also build inner resilience

14 October 2021
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One year ago Rita found her daughter, Sania, sitting in her living room balcony after a long day of ‘online schooling’. Sania was staring into space as though deep in her own thoughts. Rita was sure that her daughter hadn’t even noticed the beautiful sunset. Later Sania shared that she felt heavy, bogged down, and there was a lot of ‘baggage’ that she carried with her.

A year later, Sania and Rita are sitting in the same spot after a long day of work. And they were sharing a nice moment in the present - the lovely sunset, the cool breeze, and the warm cup of tea in their hands. They were both relaxed and their minds were at peace.

What changed, you ask? Mindfulness.

Today’s educators and students carry so much weight on their shoulders. There is always pressure to meet academic and social expectations. The fast pace of the changing world makes it tough to develop a sense of self and belonging while also finding peace and stability within - especially for a student.

An increasing number of students face challenges that reduce their self-confidence, affect their ability to focus, or tackle their difficult emotions. Educators are challenged to teach in tough situations, leading to decreased creativity, frustration and eventually a burnout. Now, more than ever, we need a solution to sustain a healthy learning environment for our students and teachers. Mindfulness exercises is the answer.

Mindfulness meditation is a tool that builds confidence, helps us cope with stress, and relates to challenges. Research shows that mindfulness practices improve memory, organizational skills, reading, logical thinking; all while giving students the tools to handle toxic stress.

Schools around the world are increasingly bringing Mindfulness meditation into the classroom to help students and teachers alike in reducing their stress and anxiety and improving productivity, performance, and concentration.

The Podar Education Network has joined these schools in taking ‘Mindfulness’ &mental peace practices into the classrooms. We promise to not just educate our students but also to equip them with practices that will build inner resilience.

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