National Safety Day 2023 - Know the History, Objectives, Theme and More Here!

20 February 2023
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“Life is precious, be safety conscious!” We all must have come across such safety slogans put up as billboards, and signs at our workplaces, or public places. These are reminders to value our precious lives and be safe in whatever we do. Similarly, every year on the 4th of March, National Safety Day is celebrated across India with the purpose of generating awareness of safety protocols, including road safety, workplace safety, the safety of human health, as well as the environment. The National Safety Day campaign is organized by the National Safety Council of India, based on different themes, and objectives for each year. It is a week-long celebration, where various measures are taken to spread safety awareness.

The theme for National Safety Day 2023 is “Nurture young minds, develop a safety culture.” It is a great initiative to encourage the children, who are indeed the future of our country, to foster a culture of safety through meaningful activities, and awareness campaigns.

In this, we will take you through the brief history of this day, its objective and a deeper insight into the theme for this year. So, keep reading further!

History of National Safety Day

The history of National Safety Day rolls back in time, when it was first organized by the Ministry of Labour and Employment in Delhi on December 11-13, 1965, with President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan in attendance. During this time, the idea of having a National Safety Council was approved at the Standing Labour Committee’s 24th session in February 1966. Thereafter the National Safety Council l was formed by India’s Ministry of Labour on March 4, 1966, using The Society Registration Act, of 1860, to register the council. Moreover, through the Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950, the National Safety Council was officially recognized.

Thus to commemorate the founding anniversary of the National Safety Council on the 4th of March 1972, the National Safety Day program was established and is celebrated every year on this day!

The Objective of the National Safety Day

The main objectives of celebrating the National Safety Day program across the country is encapsulated in the following points -

  • The campaign aims to take the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) movement to different parts of the country.
  • To achieve the goal of participation of major players in different industrial sectors at different levels.
  • To encourage the use of a participative approach by employers by involving their employees in SHE activities.
  • To encourage the development of need-based activities, self-compliance with statutory requirements and professional SHE management systems at workplaces.

Activities for Celebrating National Safety Day 2023

This year’s celebration is based on the theme “Nurture young minds, develop a safety culture.” The future of any country is its youth. And these young minds should be moulded well, to grow into responsible global citizens. It is observed that values and behaviours are imbibed in one’s mind since childhood. So, what better way to foster a safety culture than by encouraging, and educating our kids about safety protocols? And that is the very safety day objective. So here are some ways in which National Safety Day can be celebrated with kids and youngsters -

  • Organizing One-act play/drama, songs, and encouraging kids to participate in them.
  • Organizing seminars, Seminars, discussions, and debates, around safety measures.
  • Organizing Safety competitions – Essays, Slogans, Posters, Housekeeping, Safety Performance, etc.
  • Organising emergency drills.
  • Inviting eminent guest speakers to share their valuable knowledge on the importance of following safety protocols.

Celebrations at Podar Education Network

At Podar Education Network, we not only aim to nurture young minds but also strive to foster youth to become influential leaders of tomorrow. We adopt a holistic approach to education and believe that the overall development of a child is important to ensure that they grow to become responsible global citizens. Safety is an inherent part of school culture. Hence this National Safety Day 2023, we aim to educate our students on the importance of safety measures, and in turn, make them the torch bearers to spread awareness in society. We strive to not only impart knowledge but also drive our young students on the right path!

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