Podar Review System : School Self Evaluation System

08 January 2022
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As the number of schools of the Podar Network grew leaps and bounds, designing and implementing the curriculum alone was insufficient to ensure quality education. This insight led to the formation of the Podar Review System in the year 2015 with the vision -

'To reach the pinnacle of academic success through quality assurance.'

The review system promotes continuous & comprehensive evaluation, strategic improvement, trust and respect, evaluation and innovation, professional competence with a commitment to excel, thus laying the platform for our students to become successful global citizens.

The review system starts by setting common standards across all group schools in terms of student achievement, teaching-learning as much as in the welfare of students and their personal development. Common standards of leadership and management, along with zero tolerance for any form of corporal punishment set the ball rolling for the process of reviewing a school. Each school is empowered to evaluate its own performance against these standards to identify its own strengths and areas of improvement, thus promoting the best outcomes for all stakeholders, including parents, teachers and students alike.

The system ensures that all our network schools provide high quality education, leading to elevated standards in a safe environment for its students. It engages the whole school in the development of their educational evaluation, followed by the formulation of a carefully thought-out School Development Plan.

The three cogs in the wheels of the Podar Review System are Review, School Self-Evaluation and School Development Plan which when converged work to ensure high quality education and pervasive and continuous improvement.

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