Practice Makes It Perfect: Activities That Will Help Your Kids Get Better At School

23 May 2022
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Getting an edge over others- sometimes this is what motivates parents to enrol their kids in after-school activities, but the major reason is lost. When investing in after-school activities, try changing your perspective a bit and try seeing it from the point of true learning. Schools in India have a limited amount of time to generate a total impact on your children on a daily basis, so scheduling activities post-school can help consolidate key concepts and ideas, and nurture the love of learning in your child. Some subjects in schools may seem intimidating to your child- like maths, science or English. This intimidation can prevent them from actually taking a liking to that subject, and as a result, cementing that fear. Help mitigate this by choosing the right activities and practices that can help your child not only excel at school, but improve their confidence and help them develop a love for learning. From practicing writing to improving mental math and more, make the most of the holidays. Here are some ways your children can prepare for the coming year.

  1. After-School Coding - Most schools in India do not approach the subject of computer sciences and application with a serious attitude. However, with the bursting of the digital bubble, technical digital skills and ideas are in serious demand. Learning them from a young age can help your kids gain some absolutely relevant skills that they would require later. There are various online services and platforms where you can enrol your children to learn how to code. These coding platforms expose your child to the world of coding from a very young age. They break down concepts, mechanisms and more into bite-sized information and more that helps your child become adept and proficient in the language of coding! This is truly an important skill development activity that helps keep your child engaged and makes their skills truly relevant in the digital age!

  2. Maths Games and Mental Maths Practice - Maths is an important subject that forges relevance across various disciplines. It is very easy for your child to lose confidence and become intimidated by that subject. During school time, most activities related to math are taught to complete the school curriculum. Although the CBSE curriculum is holistic and quite diverse in its approach, sometimes kids do need an extra push post-school to help them become adept with the subject. This is where mental maths and online math games come in. They teach kids important concepts in a fun environment, essentially taking away the fear and bringing in the element of fun, making math not so scary anymore!

  3. Handwriting Practice - Taking running notes during class is something all students wish to have! Kids who are just learning how to write can have a difficult time forming legible sentences under a time crunch. This is why it is important to practice handwriting from a young age after school. Handwriting practice can get boring, as students are often made to write and rewrite the same sentences. Instead help your kids take a liking to handwriting by making them write a narrative story, or about their day in school only under one condition- that they write in neat sentences, use punctuation and efficiently use paper.

At Podar, we provide enough and more activities and avenues for your children to excel not just in academics, but at life. From supporting a fully-functional robotics lab, to having robust counselling services for children, we nourish every need of your child during their growing years. To get in touch with us, for admission queries or more, click here!

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