Top 3 Reasons To Choose Podar International School in Wakad

21 May 2024
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Located in the bustling locality of Wakad, Podar International School is a pinnacle of educational excellence and all-round development. Known for our unflinching commitment to moulding and nurturing young minds, we create an environment of innovation for your child. Podar is the premier choice for parents seeking world-class education for their children. Thinking of enrolling your child this admissions season? Allow us to unveil three important reasons why Podar is the preferred choice!

Holistic Learning Environment:
At Podar International School, our facilities are designed to enhance learning for all students. We minimize distractions and discomfort, providing large classrooms with specially designed furniture for maximum comfort and attention. Each classroom is equipped with projectors and visualizers, aiding students in understanding complex subjects. Additionally, our innovation labs offer hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies like robotics, virtual reality, and 3D printing, fostering STEM learning.
Students can explore coding and problem-solving through robotics and unleash their creativity with 3D printing. Virtual reality allows them to experience distant environments firsthand. At Podar, students collaborate, innovate, and think creatively in these labs. Beyond academics, we prioritize holistic development through sports and performing arts. Our sports program, led by expert coaches, cultivates essential skills like strategic thinking and leadership through various sports options. Similarly, our performing arts workshops encourage students to pursue their passions in dance, theatre, music, and more.

Innovation at its Core:
Podar Education Network was established with a simple mission- to provide each student with a holistic and world-class education and has since made an effort to reach out to the interior regions of India and the cities. With a focus on innovation, the Podar Innovation Centre (PIC) was established by five accomplished academics who were also incredibly imaginative and passionate.
More than 80 academics, educators, and specialists make up PIC's staff today, and their job is to support learning and teaching at all Podar schools. One advantage of this centralized, standardized system is that it ensures the Podar level of education remains consistent regardless of a school's location. The PIC team makes sure that only the best is given to our students by choosing textbooks, creating syllabi, creating annual planners, creating lesson plans using information and communication technology (ICT) and other teaching aids, creating worksheets, creating quizzes and internal assessments, and creating guidelines for projects, activities, and lab work.

Innovation in Pedagogy
At Podar, we take the responsibility of teaching seriously and think that a school's staff is its most valuable asset. Our teachers are always upgrading their skills to stay current with the times. At Podar, leadership and staff can participate in coaching programmes to improve specific abilities, including delegation, coaching, communication, presentation, and classroom management. The Teachnique Podar review system was established in 2015 to maintain stringent teaching quality standards. This approach helps foster progressive improvement, trust and respect, assessment and innovation, professional competence and a dedication to excellence.

To conclude, Podar International School in Wakad is a great example of quality education, where students are given all the opportunities to become their best selves. Whether our holistic learning environment, inclusion and innovation or the focus on optimising every student’s capability, Podar International School, Wakad, ensures a bright future for your child! Thinking of taking the first step? Our admissions are now open for the new academic year!


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