Safer Internet Day 2023: A Quick Guide to Keep Your Kids Safe from the Internet!

27 January 2023
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The Internet has become a lifeline, not just for adults, but even for kids, and the younger generations. And as the world becomes more digitally enabled, it is important to learn the precautions and be aware of the dangers looming in the world of the internet. And hence every year in February, International Safer Internet Day is observed to promote safer and better use of the internet and online technology.

In recent years, cases of cyberbullying, phishing, and other malicious activities have skyrocketed. And since children across the world are increasingly accessing the internet for education and other activities, they are at an increased risk of falling prey to such scams, and hacking attempts. So, World Safer Internet Day is driven by the motto to make the internet a better and safer place for children, and young generations.

Hence if you are worrying about your child’s digital security, we are offering you a quick guide on how to ensure your child is safe online, in this article. So keep reading further for more insights!

Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

This Safer Internet Day 2023, address your worries, and make the internet a safe place for your child, by learning, and implementing these internet safety tips -

  • Implement Parental Control
    If you have not done this already, this is the time to bring this evergreen safety tip into action. This Safer Internet Day 2023, ensure that you implement parental controls on all devices that your child uses to access the internet. You can start by talking to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and they should allow you to block specific chat rooms, and websites, and set time on internet usage.

  • Teach your kids about online risks, and cybersecurity -
    Make an open-ended conversation with your children about cybersecurity, this Safer Internet Day. Cybercriminals can trick kids into disclosing their personal information. So remind your kids to not reveal personal details, especially to strangers. Teach your children to be alert to any suspicious activities online. And if they experience any suspicious activity, encourage them to tell you or a trusted adult immediately.

  • Run the latest anti-virus software –
    Ensure that your child’s device is running the latest version of antivirus software and that the privacy settings are enabled. As a safe practice, keep the webcams covered when not in use.

  • Set strong passwords -
    Teach your kids the importance of setting strong passwords. Setting strong passwords can protect your child’s device from cyber-attacks. As safe practices, do not use the same password for multiple accounts and keep changing passwords at regular intervals. It is best to avoid using family members' names, date of birth etc while forming passwords.

  • Keep a close watch on your child -
    No tip works effectively unless you as parents keep a close eye on your child’s online activities. So make sure that you regularly monitor your child’s accounts and activity for any potential threat. Look out for any suspicious phishing attacks, and be mindful of the notification about any unrecognized device sign-ins.

How Can You Contribute to the Safer Internet Day?

In the past few years, the incidents of online fraud have increased at a steeping rate. And Safer Internet Day has become an instrumental turning point in raising awareness about safe internet use. As parents, and elders in the family, you play a vital role in ensuring that the kids and younger generations are safe while being exposed to the digital world. So it is important to teach your children about the dangers of being online, which will in turn empower them to be responsible enough when using the internet.

Key Takeaways

At Podar Education Network, we are committed to delivering integrated, holistic, and empowering learning experiences.

And in our journey to ensure that our students grow to become responsible global citizens, we lay a strong emphasis on educating them about the world of the internet and teaching them safe internet practices. So this International Safer Internet Day let’s join hands to create a better and safer internet world for our children.

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