Standing Out In The Crowd: Why Is Podar A Sought-After School In Bengaluru?

24 February 2022
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When it comes to international schools in Bangalore, one needs to have a keen eye while choosing the best school for their kids. International schools have a very different curriculum, different teaching methods, and environment, so when picking the perfect school for your child, it is wise to go for a known brand or institution. Coming to CBSE schools in Bangalore, the medium of instruction may be centralized, but your child should be getting a scholastic experience that goes beyond the set curriculum. This is where Podar International Schools come in. A trusted name when it comes to education, expect only the most premium and technologically advanced approach to education. International standards of teaching, state of-the-art equipment, a world-class library and so much more. Here's what makes PIS Bengaluru one of the best schools in Kalkere!

Future-Oriented Learning - When living in the Silicon Valley of India, the school curriculum should reflect the rapid technological advancement in the city. Therefore, the medium of instruction in Podar International School has been enhanced and updated to accommodate the digitized changes in the environment. By adopting gamified models of teaching, adopting tech-based tools to deliver an acute understanding of fundamental concepts, making students adept in a digital environment are just a few of the reasons why Podar International School is one of the best schools in Bangalore.

Supreme Standards of Teaching - PIS Bangalore is dedicated to optimizing the learning environment for students. Therefore, there is a clinical focus on application-based learning, rather than rote learning. Through simulated projects, workshops, and activities, the teachers at PIS Bangalore not only deliver in terms of teaching the prescribed material but also nurture each student’s interest in their subjects. Teaching at PIS Bangalore is not just focused on result-oriented learning but fosters scientific discipline and innovation in students. By understanding the unique capabilities of each student, teachers embrace the distinct qualities of each student and help them flourish in their own way.

Making Students Global Citizens - One thing that makes PIS Bangalore one of the best schools in Kalkere is its dedication to making students global citizens of tomorrow. Students can get enrolled in the International Board curriculum to explore higher education opportunities in the best schools in the world. Not only do they focus on delivering learning modules that are at par with international standards, but also guide their students in their applications and scholastic interests abroad. With dedicated school and career counselors, expect only the best from PIS Bangalore.

State of the Art Infrastructure - Here at PIS Bangalore, we believe that education should well be rounded! In a world away from projects and deadlines, PIS Bangalore focuses on extra-curricular activities, sports, music, arts, and much more to help your children blossom and develop their niche in hobbies and activities. With the sophisticated infrastructure for sports, dedicated clubs, and equipment for the arts, your child will surely receive the most holistic education Bangalore has to offer! It also comes with an international library to nurture the habit of reading among the students in the digital age. With so many collections and volumes to choose for, your child will be gaining knowledge beyond their textbooks when they come to PIS, Kalkere!

The admission process at Podar International School is easy and doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes. Click here to get started.

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