The Importance Of Standard 11 & 12 In Every Students Life

20 June 2022
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The 2 terminal years of school are truly the most important part of a student’s life. From studying almost all subjects till the 10th, to studying subjects one really likes in these years, a student’s life goes through a lot of change. In the 11th Standard, one is introduced to a particular stream, and whatever their choice may be, it is an interesting time for a student. From exploring the subjects, to making a study plan, going to their first classes- it is an exciting time. However, this excitement lasts only a year because by the 12th Standard, you are making very important decisions in your life. Sitting for competitive exams, sitting for your boards, deciding on a college, deciding on a subject for further studies- all these important decisions to be made within a year. The importance of these two years is rightly emphasised as a student makes very important life and scholastic decisions that affect their lives for years to come. It is a serious time, but it is also the last 2 years of being in a loving and caring environment of a school, so students are naturally prone to enjoying these last 2 years in the way they like.

A student makes a lot of decisions in the 11th and 12th Standard. From working towards your dream career to deciding the course of your life, here's why every student must focus on these two crucial years in the student life -

The Podar Group of Schools having one of the best schools in India understands the importance of these two crucial years. From deciding their dream career, preparing for entrances to deciding their dream college- students have a lot on their plate. This is why the Podar Education Network places so much importance on mental health and the role of career counsellors. Every school has a career and mental health counsellor that assists students in making these important decisions. A student might be interested in a particular career but they might not know anything about what it takes to be on that path. This is where a career counsellor comes in. They assess your child’s interests, educate them about the requirements and eligibility for the selected career, and provide them a close alternate path if they don’t decide on that particular career choice. Having a guide at this time is essential as students feel very anxious about having to decide on the course of their life at the young age of 17 or 18.

For some students who have opted for STEM subjects and are appearing for entrances later on, have the added pressure of performing both in school and at these exams. This is where students need relentless support from their parents and teachers. They need to feel their strong support to be motivated to take on such a Herculean task. Maintaining good academic standing at school, while preparing for entrances is a lot of work for a teenager. Therefore, full moral support of their parents and teachers are important at this moment.

Researching target colleges and universities is important at this stage. In the 11th Standard, one gets acquainted with the new subjects, and they quickly take a liking towards one or two subjects. This is the perfect time for parents to encourage their child to investigate their interests in that subject and know more about the career paths and opportunities in the future. Researching on good universities for the course, job market for the role and more are some of the ways you can prepare your child for their higher education.

Doing well on their boards is an important task for any student. The results in these exams are often a one-way ticket to their dream college, so it is important for children to understand the importance and seriousness of these exams.

The Podar Education Network takes your child’s final years in college seriously. From having career counsellors, to well equipped science labs, to assistance for admission in foreign universities. Looking to enrol your child into the new academic session of 2022? Click here to know more about our admission process!

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