The Dos and Don'ts of CBSE School Online Admission in Amravati

19 May 2024
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The admissions season is exciting and anxiety-inducing for parents and students alike! Navigating the vast realm of CBSE schools to ensure optimum learning opportunities for their child in and around Amravati can be daunting for any parent. With so many options and complex procedures, ensuring a smooth admission process requires considering some important Dos and don’ts. Podar International School, Amravati, known for academic excellence and innovative pedagogy, simplifies this journey for parents and prospective students. In this blog, we will explore some invaluable advice that can help you confidently and easily secure a seat at the school of your liking.

Let’s start with the Do’s -

Understand the CBSE Curriculum
The most important thing to remember while applying to CBSE schools is to familiarise yourself with the curriculum and thoroughly compare CBSE and other national boards. This is the most crucial preparatory action that must be taken before beginning the admissions process. Recognise the advantages and disadvantages of each national board and decide which aspects are more crucial to your goals for your child's education. This mental clarity will help you answer with conviction and thoughtfulness during the school's planned interviews, which can greatly facilitate the admissions process!

Introduce the Curriculum to Your Children
If you are a first-time parent, you may initially feel intimidated by the admissions procedure to the best CBSE school in India. Parents sometimes rush to overprepare and overwhelm their children regarding the interview and admissions process. It's crucial to remember that in an interview, schools will only pose questions that a small child may easily know the answers to! To make a good impression on the interviewer, conducting thorough study and preparation for your child's school is crucial.

Understand the Differences
Understanding that several CBSE schools have departments and roles specifically focused on admissions is critical. Remember this, particularly for parents switching boards for their children, is crucial. While some schools may have excellent facilities for athletics, others can have prestigious staff and well-constructed scientific laboratories designed for competitive exams. Ascertain which roles and areas of expertise are non-negotiables for your child.

The Don’ts-

Ignoring the School’s Commute and Location
Considering the school's location for your daily commute before deciding on it is essential. Choosing a school that is far away might mean long journeys for you and your child, which could affect their general well-being and level of energy.

Delay in Applying to the School
Postponing the Admissions Process is a common fault parents make. Since there are only a limited number of seats available in Podar International School, Amravati, waiting to apply might cost your child a precious seat at their dream school! To guarantee your child's seat, beginning your research and application process well in advance is best.

Not Enough Research
Choosing a school only based on reputation might be deceptive. Every child is different, and something that suits one person may not necessarily work for another. Research on the curriculum, facilities, calibre of the teaching staff, and extracurricular activities provided by the school is vital. You may then ensure they suit your child's requirements and interests.

Not Visiting the School
Not visitng the school might stop you from getting a sense of the place and see how the classrooms and facilities are laid up. It's a chance to determine whether your child would fit in at the school. Ignoring this step now might cause problems, where your child might not deem the school a cultural or a personal fit.

Failure to Verify Accreditation and Affiliation
Verify the Central Board of Secondary Education's formal affiliation with the school you are considering. It's also good to see whether they hold additional qualifications or accreditations, (such as IB or ISC) as that could mean additional options for your child!

Neglecting the School's Philosophy and Values:
Every institution has its educational philosophy and set of ideals. Ensuring the school shares your ideals is essential to providing your child with an education that aligns with your values, and priorities.

Ignoring the Requirements for Admission:
It is important to pay attention to the admission requirements of any CBSE school. Learn about the prerequisites, including age restrictions, entry examinations, and interviews. Applications may be rejected if the requirements are not understood.

With these important things in mind, parents and children can efficiently navigate the admissions process and improve their chances of admission to their desired CBSE school in Amravati!


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