‘Tis The Season Of School Admissions: 5 Qualities To Look For In A School While Enrolling Your Child

04 January 2021
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From holistic learning to care given to every individual student, choosing the right school for your child is a tough job. But some of the best schools in India such as Podar International School, have certainly made the task easier. Here are some of the qualities to look for in schools during admission season.

The Right Curriculum

Podar International School, across all its school branches, maintains an identical curriculum. Thanks to the Podar Innovation Centre (PIC) they have a centralised curriculum, teachers training and conduction of exams. This means that every branch of the school treats and teaches students in the exact same manner. The PIC focuses on creating a comprehensive plan that will help and guide students over the years. Additionally, the PIC curriculum adheres to the guidelines set by the CBSE, ICSE, CAIE and the Maharashtra State Board, and it encourages students to approach education with an open mind and problem-solving attitude. There’s a reason Podar International School is considered among the best schools in India.

Teachers Are Everything

Over the 90 years that Podar International School has been in existence, if there’s one thing the team has understood right, it is that students thrive and grow best in an environment that’s fun, loving and unbiased. Hence, at this school, we have a two-pronged approach when it comes to our teachers:

  • Recruitment: Where we strive to hire the best teachers for our students.
  • Our Teacher Training Program: Where the focus is on giving meticulous training to our new recruits.

Hence, all the teachers at Podar International School have a similar approach to teaching, and work hard every day to make school a happy and secure place for students.

Extracurriculars Matter

At Podar International School, we focus on all-round grooming and learning. While academics play a huge role in moulding an individual, school-life would be rather boring, and learning would be totally incomplete without the presence of any extracurricular activities. At Podar International School, our extracurriculars are formed of:

  • The Sports Lab"

    Where there are traditional sports such as basketball, hockey, cricket and football; mixed with new-age sports such as skating, archery, fencing and golf. Students are coached carefully in each of these games giving them a full-fledged sporting experience.
  • Holistic Development:

    Where the focus is on cultivating and honing your hobbies. Students can choose from a host of hobbies such as theatre, dance, music, public speaking and debating and computer animation.

So when you’re choosing among the best schools in India, choose one that sets your child free and lets them have fun!

A Wholesome Environment

An ideal learning environment is the first towards making your child enjoy their schooling experience. If where they study does not excite them, the job at hand will be harder than you can imagine. At Podar International School, we lay complete emphasis on making our school just like a second home for your kids. We do this in a couple of ways:

  1. Infrastructure:

    At our schools, we have top-class infrastructure that makes students want to look forward to getting into the classrooms every day. Spacious classrooms coupled with comfortable furniture makes it easy for students to focus on their daily lessons. Along with this, we have a host of labs in-house such as the science lab, math lab, innovation lab and son on that help children with practical learning. We also have a state of the art library that will encourage kids to read. We also have a fully equipped medical centre in case of any emergencies. To make sure students find it easy to travel to and from school, our buses have specially trained drivers, a conductor and a lady attendant.
  2. Classroom Technology:

    Our teaching goes beyond books, pen and paper. Our classrooms are up-to-date with the needs of today, and come fully equipped with secure and fast Internet connection. The ICT curriculum, too, is extensive and covers everything from coding, design and web applications to mobile apps and 3D Printing. We have always laid importance on the role of technology in education and our schools are a testament of that belief.

If you’ve liked what you’ve read and would like to go know more about our school admission process, click here. Our e-admission procedure is swift and simple, and if you’re looking to enrol your child in one of the best schools in India, then here’s your chance!

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