What Makes Podar Shine In A State Like West Bengal That Focuses So Highly On Education?

18 April 2022
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West Bengal is known for being home to prolific writers, statesmen, Nobel Prize awardees, and the best scientific minds of the country. It is no surprise why the standards of education is so high in this state! With consistently high scores in all national level exams, this state truly shines when it comes to education. This is why Podar International School wants to up the standards of education in this already flourishing state by injecting in modern and world class amenities and infrastructure to students that can help your child’s education become future proof by providing them all the necessary skills to become a worldly citizen while still having holistic knowledge in the interest area. Podar International School, Howrah is definitely one of the best CBSE schools in Howrah as they capitalise on the already well known CBSE curriculum and provide them with application oriented learning to help them not only achieve successful marks, but conceptual clarity. Winning the trust of parents and students, helping with an array of options that make learning easy and fun, and providing students with ample extracurriculars, Podar International School in Howrah has many wonderful things that make it a loved institution.

  • It is important to keep children fit when it comes to both mind and body! This is why Podar International School has a state of the art playground that has all the required facilities for new age sports as well as traditional sports. Ample playing ground for basketball, football, and so much more, your child will surely have the time of their lives! We also have a qualified Physical Education teacher on board that helps students understand the various sports they play and excel at them. When it comes to keeping your mind fit, Podar International School Howrah truly upholds their title of being one of the best schools in Howrah. They have an in-house counsellor who can help your child grapple with their emotions, difficulties they are facing, and personal issues that are proving to be a hindrance during school work.

  • When your child studies at Podar International School Howrah, they are truly getting a world-class education that will prepare them to become useful and influential citizens of the future. To prepare children for the digital revolution, it is important to have the necessary infrastructure to build responsible digital citizens who will change the world. This attention to detail is the reason why PIS is truly one the best CBSE schools in Howrah. Podar has invested heavily in making the school modern and digital friendly by undertaking heavy investments in Ed-tech, classroom technology, and provisions of science and math labs. The school encourages students to go beyond their prescribed curriculum and actually understand their subject at its core.

  • Podar International School prides itself over their continued efforts of opening a dialogue with parents on a regular basis. This was true during the time of COVID when we made the shift to digital schooling where students and staff were trained to operate online. When schools reopened, we relied heavily on the insights given by the PTA on strict sanitization protocol and made sure that all the teaching and non-teaching staff were vaccinated. Podar is all about making students feel secure in a learning environment especially after the pandemic, so parents are encouraged to take a proactive role in their child’s education by giving regular insight on school policies.

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