What You Should Know: Benefits OF Enrolling Your Child In A CBSE Board

13 April 2021
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From value based education to acknowledgement in colleges, there are plenty of benefits of enrolling your child in CBSE schools. And if you're talking about the best CBSE schools in India, then Podar International School holds a valuable spot.

What Is A CBSE Board All About?

The main aim of the CBSE board is all round development of a child’s personality and intellect. CBSE education is in charge of laying the foundation for cultural growth of a child, as well. CBSE or the Central Board of Secondary Education is a board in charge of promoting education for public and private schools that come under the Union Government of India.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of A CBSE Board?

Every board you choose has a certain set of advantages and for a few reasons, becomes more convenient for your child. So before we dwell any further, it’s important to note that you have only the best interests of your child in mind and select a board that suits their needs and requirements the most. If you’re considering among the best schools in India and Podar International School is on your mind, you could also read up about the differences between the CBSE & ICSE Boards. Interestingly, we have CBSE board schools in multiple states in India including:

If you’re keen or inclined towards enrolling your child in the CBSE board, here are some of the reasons that can validate your choice:

  • More Student-Friendly: The board is centered around student learning, and the textbooks and study material is designed to be made interactive. With activities included between chapters, students are taught to make learning fun and playful.
  • Exam Structure: Unlike most cases, CBSE exams, too, are structured around the students and their learning. CBSE exams don’t expect students to mug up and write answers; instead, the focus is on understanding how much the students have learnt and the papers are designed in a way that exams don’t seem as daunting. The key takeaway from these exams is that students learn something through the process itself. Any of the best CBSE schools in India will second this.
  • Leverage In Competitive Exams: If your child plans to apply for IIT/AIIMS in future, then chances are that they will have an edge over others by studying in the CBSE board. The syllabus of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) lays the foundation of the CBSE curriculum. And the CBSE organises the preliminary exams of institutions such as IIT and AIIMS, so anyone who has studied in this board previously, will be more familiar with its examination style.
  • Flexible Choices For Students: At no stage during the course of studying in the CBSE board will a student be pressured to pick one particular stream. As we mentioned earlier, this board allows students to hone their skills and play to their strengths, and at every step of the way, students will be given ample opportunities to pick streams they prefer and study towards making their dreams come true. The idea here is to have more achievable goals.
  • Focus On Overall Growth & Development: One of the biggest benefits of the CBSE board is that here the focus is on the overall growth of a child. Students here are encouraged to look beyond books. And any of the best CBSE schools in India will motivate their students to take equal interest in sports and extra curriculars, as much as in academics. This will help open more avenues for the students.

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