Why Is Podar Considered Among The Best CBSE Schools In Raipur?

21 February 2022
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Podar as an institution has been around since 1927 and since its inception, it has been one of the best places for educating young Indians. It has truly become one of the most trusted names in education by spreading its mission in the interiors of the country making quality education the right of every child. With this mission, it has become the best CBSE school in Raipur. By embracing innovation, and its staunch commitment to fostering excellence, PIS Raipur is truly the best school that provides the most holistic approach to education. A clean and organized environment, a supportive staff, and a centrally monitored board are just a few of the many reasons why Podar International School is considered among the best CBSE schools in Raipur.

The Best Environment For Students - Podar International school is truly the best school in Raipur, Chattisgarh. The Schools are designed in such a way that students get access to the most premium infrastructure that aids their education. They are designed in a way to up the potential of the student, help with focus, and rightfully address any sort of difficulty in learning. Classrooms are spacious and ergonomically designed to create the perfect environment for learning. Multiple learning spaces like Math Lab, Science Lab, and Innovation Labs for better learning outcomes. The School also believes in upskilling students with the required knowledge to make them capable citizens of the digital future. Secured with fast internet, firewalls, and a fully equipped ICT lab for enhanced computer education. The school has comprehensive and robust facilities for learning skills like coding, web design, app development, and 3D Printing. Robotics and drones help students to understand the complex and interesting fields of programming, coding, artificial intelligence, and coding. The curriculum also goes beyond these technical topics and conducts cyber-safety sessions to create responsible Netizens. All this and more creates the perfect learning environment for students and makes PIS Raipur one of the best schools in Raipur.

Encouraging Staff Members- Podar International Schools is dedicated to providing only the best teachers for your children. In the past 94 years, Podar has deduced that learning needs to be evidence-based and a fun experience for the student. The student should not only understand the concept but also be able to apply that in real-life scenarios. Keeping that in mind, Podar ensures that it recruits only the right person for the right job. PIS has a multi-faceted approach when it comes to recruiting members of the faculty. With thorough assessments of their teaching aptitude, subject knowledge, understanding the psychology of students, and their thought process, PIS ensures that only the most qualified and pragmatic teachers are in the staff. Podar also believes that with changing times, teachers also need to be constantly updating their teaching style to focus on creating skilled students. This is why they have the Technique Training Program. It is the one-stop solution for all the training needs of the teachers that have allowed teachers to seamlessly switch to blended learning programs during the Pandemic. This allowed students to still get access to world-class education in periods of uncertainty and lockdowns!

Centrally Monitored Board - PIS Raipur is truly the best CBSE school in Raipur that optimizes the many advantages the CBSE board offers. It provides an extensive network as close to 21,000 schools are registered with this board. It has a common framework across India making it easy to transfer to different schools across India. Due to its nature, CBSE allows flexibility to individual schools and students, and caters to the wide and diverse learning styles of different children. It is designed to train citizens of the future by incorporating digitized education modules and tech-based learning. It is a thoroughly reviewed curriculum with many omissions and inclusions to make it as relevant as possible by today’s standards.

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