Worry No More: Here Are Some Interesting Ways To Make Learning Math Fun For Primary Students

22 December 2021
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Math is a tricky subject- students either hate it or love it! Schools in India are coming up with ways to reduce the dread related to Math. A great way to de-stigmatize and reduce fear related to math is a strong base and clarity of fundamentals through math games and math puzzles. As kids become more and more comfortable with mathematical operations and calculations, they will be more perceptive when these operations get more advanced as they grow older. To make the most of #NationalMathematicsDay, this seemed just right. From playing card games to using modern technology, here are some fun and easy ways that will make mathematics less intimidating.

Math Games - A highly effective classical conditioning technique is called Systematic Desensitization, wherein an unpleasant stimulus is paired with a pleasant stimulus to help de-stigmatize and reduce fear regarding the unpleasant stimulus. A great way to apply this technique in Mathematics is through fun math games. A great example is called Mathketball, which is a fun mathematical spin to math and can test your kids on their mental calculation skills. This game is best played in groups where each team is alternatively given a problem and they have to solve it in under two minutes to score a hoop or the problem is passed down to the other team. These teams compete under a time limit, and the fun part is that you can include other well-known sports to play this game! On National Mathematics Day, this might be a great team sport to play to celebrate on this day!

Tech-Based Solutions - In a post-pandemic world, the importance of tech in education is heavily pronounced. Kids these days are more comfortable with laptops and screens than with pens and pencils. There is only so much an educator can cover- therefore utilizing online resources is a great way to boost your child’s comfort with dealing with numbers. Through engaging graphics and attractive visuals, kids get attracted and motivated to solve more math problems on these apps. Furthermore, math puzzles and math games are more fun when they are played on a more user-friendly medium-in the present case- it is phones and laptops!

Make Use of Real Objects - This is one of the easiest leaening strategies to implement. Use real money when teaching countinh- this elps kids think in numbers. Use spheres and prisms when teaching a subject such as geometry. You can use rocks, pebbles, gummy bears and more to create pattern-based math games. Of course, there's always the good old flashcards that can help with basics of addition, subtraction and more.

Practical Applications - The best way to teach math is to incorporate it into your kid’s daily life. Fear usually gets exacerbated from the unknown- and that can manifest itself in the form of unfounded fear towards math. To help with this intimidation and help your kids become more adept at solving mathematical problems, explain math through real-life instances. For example, if you are trying to teach fractions to your child, the next time you cut an apple for snack time, show them how cutting an apple into half becomes ½ or how each piece of an apple relates to the whole. You can also involve them while grocery shopping, by making them calculate the entire bill themselves and then compare when you get the actual bill from your grocer. Little things like this help them relate classroom learning to real-time learning removing the fear and intimidation posed by numbers as they get more comfortable dealing with them in their day-to-day life!

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