Aditi Sameer Kamat of Podar International School Ratnagiri in Grade IX Earns $20,000 Award and Scholarship for Remarkable Tinkercad Competition Achievements

08 Jun 2023

Aditi Sameer Kamat, a talented Grade IX student at Podar International School in Ratnagiri, has received prestigious recognition and substantial financial rewards for her exceptional achievements. Aditi was awarded a remarkable $20,000 by Autodesk Construction Solutions for successfully passing Level 1 of the Tinkercad Competition. Furthermore, she was granted a $10,000 scholarship as a token of appreciation for her remarkable participation.

In a collaborative effort with students from the United Kingdom, Aditi utilized her skills and expertise to 3D print an impressive Iron Man suit. The culmination of their hard work and dedication was showcased at an esteemed event held in London on 5th and 6th April 2023, where Aditi proudly exhibited the suit. The recognition continued with a celebratory event held in Singapore on 16th April 2023. One of the highlights of her journey was a remarkable opportunity to meet Mr. Robert Downey Jr., the acclaimed actor who portrayed Iron Man in the popular Marvel movies.

Aditi's outstanding achievements not only showcase her exceptional talent and dedication but also serve as an inspiration to her peers and the entire Podar International School community. Her success in the Tinkercad Competition and the recognition she received from Autodesk Construction Solutions highlight the school's commitment to nurturing and encouraging students' creativity and innovation. Aditi's journey is a testament to the limitless possibilities that await talented and determined individuals, opening doors to a future filled with even greater accomplishments.