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Board Specific Textbooks

We offer Shikshan publication textbooks for both ICSE and CBSE curriculum. These textbooks are aligned with the board curriculum.

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An eBook is an electronic form of the paper book that can be read on multiple devices such as desktops, tablets and smart phones. At Podar Innovation we use rich, interactive and engaging eBooks.

These books are accessible on different devices, whether it is a tablet, PC or even a smart phone. This enables learning and teaching anywhere, anytime, and not confined to the four walls of the school. This flexibility  also allows greater involvement of parents and guardians in the learning process of their wards.

Our ebooks are not just static conversion of the printed book; they are enriched with a number of interactive activities and assessments together with audio and video content. In other words the content is presented in the way the children like it best, so that, they are able to grasp the concepts and remember them better and longer.


Teacher's Manual

PIC provides user friendly Teacher’s Manual to guide teachers on how to facilitate successful lessons. The manuals recommend on using stories, poems and other stimuli as set induction, on strategies that lead to fruitful thinking, on tips to having integrated and interactive lessons, on inspiring case studies.

The Teacher's manual is the instructor’s road map of what students need to learn and how to deliver the lesson effectively during the given class time.

Lesson planning is a vital component of the teaching-learning process. Proper classroom planning will keep teachers organized and on track while teaching. The better prepared the teacher is, the more likely she will be able to handle whatever unexpectedly happens in the lesson.

Lesson plans help the teacher to be clear about what she wants to teach. Teachers need to make wise decisions about the strategies and methods that they would apply to help learners understand & move systematically toward learner centric goals. It suggests a level of professionalism and real commitment.

The teacher's manual consists of the following sub parts: Activity Sheet, Teacher Support Document, Graphic Organizer, PPT, Practice Sheet, Flash cards, Class Test.



The workbook exercises are based on Bloom‛s Taxonomy and Gardner‛s theory of Multiple Intelligences in the exercises so that it caters to a holistic approach towards the development of a learner. Bloom‛s Taxonomy provides an important technique and tool to the teachers to pave the way towards effective learning where a learner seamlessly progresses from a lower level of understanding towards a higher level of creating. The workbook is conceptualized with a variety of questions such as MCQ, HOTS, Diagram / Picture Based Questions, Puzzles, Sequencing, Brain teasersetc. The workbook is based on the Shikshan publication textbook.

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Workbook Answer Scheme

For the convenience of the teachers the academic team also provides the answer scheme to the worksheets along with each Teacher’s manual.


Posters and Flash cards

Flashcards and Posters help in developing skills like memory, association, verbal, cognitive, interactive, mathematical, listening and more. Hence to make learning more effective, easy and quick we have developed posters and flashcards on most of the topics.



Schools are provided with a syllabus for each grade and subject. The syllabus provides the teacher with the number of periods required to complete a particular lesson. The syllabus is planned keeping in mind the tentative number of working days that each school is expected to have in a single academic year. While formulating the syllabus care is taken to include sufficient time for revision of topics, annual day, sports day and other activities.

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Period Allocation

For optimal effectiveness of the entire teaching – learning process it is important that the time devoted to each subject is well planned. The syllabus designed for a particular academic year needs to be carefully distributed for successful learning to happen. Thus the PIC team provides the schools with a period allocation plan that synchronizes completely with the syllabus laid.



Assessment resources include Blue Print of Question Paper, Question Paper and Question Paper Answer Scheme.

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Practice Sheets / Question Banks and Revision Tests

Academic solutions also contain Practice Sheets / Question Banks and Revision Tests as per the requirement of each subject. These resources provide the needed revision and help to the students to prepare for their exams.

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Academic Guidance for Std. IX & X and Std. XI & XII

Robust academic guidance is given to teachers for grades IX and X. It is ensured that the students are provided with exam oriented content which will prepare them systematically for the Board exams.

PIC provides Sr. Secondary Plus course for grades XI and XII to prepare the students for the Board exam as well as competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET.