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Symphonics program which spread from Pre-school to Std. V develops a strong foundation of English language learning by teaching phonics in a systematic way. This program integrates phonics methodology into learning to read, write and spell words with ease and efficiency.

The highlights of the program include colourful flash cards, interesting stories and melodic rhymes for making learning joyful. The journey to reading is made easy and enjoyable with the help of read along books which are in simple decodable texts. Extensive lesson plans and illustrated teaching and behaviour manuals support effective teaching.



Math Gym Sheets are for Std. I to VIII. They are specially developed to enhance the mathematical learning of students, build a strong understanding of basic mathematical operations and enhance the speed and accuracy in solving mathematical problems.



Spell the Beans’ is a uniquely designed spelling activity. It is a creative approach towards learning spelling. Learning spellings has always been a dull and drab activity for learners. Yet spellings form an integral part for all subjects. Keeping this in mind we have designed the programme ‘Spell the Beans’ for students of Std. III–Std. IX.

This programme intends at making the activity of learning spellings fun filled and creative.

A special activity for learning spellings is assigned for each grade.

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Ahoy! Little Writers, a series of books for grade I and II comprises of simple fun activities that engage the children in thinking creatively and in the process, build a platform for them to acquire relevant skills for creative writing pieces of their own.



‘Creative Strokes’ is a progressive series of eight art and craft books for Std. I-VIII. The series takes children through an exciting world of colours using interesting art and craft techniques. Each book has simple activities which have been meticulously planned keeping in mind the age of the child.

The activities will not only teach the child to appreciate art but also to communicate imaginatively through an understanding of their cultural heritage. Learning how to explore and imitate new art and craft techniques will improve their observation, concentration and eye-hand coordination. Although the book includes the samples for each activity, the children should be encouraged to use their own creativity and imagination. Engaging in art and craft will also help them to develop their problem solving skills and build a positive self-esteem.

The ‘Art Fact’ section in the book offers information about the development of a particular art form from ancient times to the modern day.

Each book includes a kit which supplies the raw material necessary for the given activity.



Building social and emotional skills is the process through which students gain knowledge and effectively apply this knowledge acquired, to understand and manage emotions. Through the Life skill modules students are empowered and groomed to face the challenge in life successfully, to feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, bring values in life and in turn contribute to the progress of the nation.

They are incorporated in our daily curriculum by conducting kinesthetic activities using strategies like cooperative and collaborative learning, peer partner learning and team based learning. These skills are also practiced via questions that induce thinking, value based questions and moral values that are discussed along with various chapters.



‘Busy Brains and Happy Hands’ is a compilation of puzzles and brain teasers appropriate for different age groups. The activities not only help build the child’s mental skills but also provide him/her with opportunities to showcase his/her creative skills. Some activities are aimed at enhancing the visual-spatial awareness in the learner. Many of these exercises are also based on trial and error methods of problem solving.

The process of attempting these activities involves reasoning skills and developing solutions. Brain teasers are designed to stimulate the cognitive function of the brain.

Overcoming the challenges involved in solving a puzzle really gives young learners a sense of achievement and pride. It provides a boost to their self-confidence and self-esteem as this prepares them for other challenges in life.

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Remedial Worksheets are provided for Literacy and Numeracy. These worksheets assist students to accomplish expected proficiencies in core academic skills.

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