School Events at Aurangabad

Guru Nanak Devji Jayanti - 2022

Podar International School CBSE ,Aurangabad celebrated the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Devji with great zest and enthusiasm . Grade 3 students highlighted the significance and the core values of the first guru of Sikhism . It is celebrated to remember and pay gratitude and respect to Guru Nanak Dev for his great contribution. Sikhism is one of the most commonly observed faiths in the whole world, with Sikhs making their mark in numerous fields. Their faith teaches love, kindness, and brotherhood. Sikhs always take pride in the teachings of their faith and in the principles propagated by their gurus.It tells us about the early life and teachings of the First Sikh Guru. He was the preacher of peace, unity, and love. He encouraged people of all castes to stay as brothers and consider humanity above everything. He wanted that nobody must be discriminated against on any grounds and people must live with unity. He was only the initiator of the community kitchen where people of any religion either rich or poor, sit and eat together. It was done by him to enhance the feeling of unity and equality among the people. Vice Principal Mrs. Neelam Agrawal highlighted the three main learning of Guru Nanak Devji ; He always had deep faith in God ,Meditation was part of his life and third helping and caring nurture of him did make him one of the outstanding person who serve the humanity irrespective of caste ,creed and religion. It was indeed a great joy and honor to enrich us with meaningful assembly.

World Mental Health Day - 2022

First held in 1992, 10th October is the day dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues and to fight the stigma still associated with it. The Counseling department at Podar International School, CBSE, held numerous activities through the day to ingrain a better awareness of mental health. The activities ranged from mindfulness meditation sessions, a poster-making competition and a special morning assembly which enlightened the students on managing stress and finding the ways to develop coping strategies to reduce stress. Sir Principal, Ravinder Rana addressed the students on depression. He also suggested spending less time on social media applications like facebook, Instagram,etc and instead building healthy relationships with family and friends. Towards the end of the day the school counselor, Miss Pratiksha Gaikwad engaged the teachers in an interactive session with wonderful activities to manage emotional stress .A day filled with awareness-building exercises thus, reinforced the message that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. Neither is talking about it. It’s ‘Time to Talk, it’s Time to Change’.

Dussehra Assembly - 2022

India is a land of many cultures and traditions. One of its very important festivals is the festival of Dussehra or Vijay Dashami. It was celebrated with great pomp and show in PIS CBSE Aurangabad on 4 th October. It is the festival of glory and splendor. The festival symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. To make this memorable, students of Grade IV presented a meaningful skit followed by graceful dance .The celebration helped students to know the story of Epic Ramayana . There is a mythological background behind this festival. The dwellers of the Earth and the heaven were troubled and tortured by the notorious demon Mahisasura. Other heavenly Gods were also afraid of him. On their earnest prayer and request, the Goddess Durga was born from fire. As an embodiment of Shakti or strength and valor, Goddess Durga appeared before the demon. The demon was bewitched by her beauty and was killed by her. His death brought relief to the Earth and to heaven. To honor her, Dussehra is celebrated. These students enacted this concept through the skit.

Mahatma Gandhi jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti - 2022


Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti were celebrated in PIS CBSE, Aurangabad with great respect and homage to the legendary leader and the Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri the second Indian Prime Minister , on the auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. Principal, Sir Ravinder Rana offered a garland to the photo of Mahatma Gandhiji and Lal Bahadur Shastri then addressed the teachers and students. In his speech, Sir Principal stressed the relevance of the universal values espoused by Gandhiji and their resonance in the world today. He also highlighted the importance of understanding the true potential of Gandhian philosophy. He also inspired us with the greatness of the second Indian Prime Minister and the senior leader from the Indian National Congress political party , who was a man of great caliber, lived a life of simplicity and dedicated his life to the motherland. Students from grades 5 to 8 celebrated Gandhi Jayanti by presenting a special musical and informative assembly. It was an opportunity to reflect and cherish the life of this great personality. The Special assembly concluded by singing the National Anthem.

Joy of Giving - 2022

“If nature has made you for a giver, your hands are born open, and so is your heart; and though there may be times when your hands are empty, your heart is always full.” Frances Hodgson Burnett It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving. – Mother Teresa The main idea of the special feature ‘Joy of Giving’ is to create awareness among the students related to environmental problems. The students understood that we have been nurtured by the resources available on the Earth. Hence, it is really important for us to ‘Give back to Earth’, the kindness and generosity we have received from her.

The students understood that they have to think and act carefully which will help them avoid causing further damage to our planet. The students are able to identify and differentiate between actions that have positive and negative impact on the environment. The main purpose of the module ‘Joy of Giving’ was to make the students aware of the environmental problems that are taking place around the world. The activities planned for this feature have encouraged them to give back to the environment by creating awareness and implementing eco-friendly actions in their respective societies and communities. The students were exposed to different eco-friendly actions like planting trees, composting, managing wastes and so on, that are practiced by different communities and people around the world. With the help of this exposure, the students made a proposal to implement the eco-friendly actions in their respective societies and communities. Through this proposal, they also created awareness about the urge to adopt eco-friendly ways of living and the need to save our nature. Thus, this session enabled the students to think of ways to ‘Give back to the environment’ by creating awareness and implementing eco-friendly actions in their societies and communities.

The main idea for doing ‘Joy of Giving’ was to explore the ideas around ‘Climate Change’ and to think about ‘taking actions’ that could address the current crisis that our environment is facing. The students knew about the causes that lead to ‘Climate Change’ and understood its far reaching impacts on the planet. They learned to calculate their own carbon footprints which made them aware of the toll on the environment due to their actions. The students had brainstorming sessions and came up with strategies or actions that they can incorporate in their daily lives to reduce their carbon footprints. This helped the students to address the current environmental crisis of drastic ‘Climate Change’.It was indeed the greatest learning for all the students and teachers as well. The celebration of “Joy of Giving” did give us a heart full of gratitude and to give back to our mother earth.

World Rabies Day - 2022

"Education about Rabies from the right sources can save more lives at the right time.’’

26th September 2022-23 Podar International School CBSE Aurangabad celebrated the ‘WORLD RABIES DAY ’.We were privileged to have with us Mrs. Berryl Sanchis the founder of (APLA ) Aurangabad Pet Lovers Association . The purpose of this event was to instill love and affection towards animals in our surroundings as Mrs.Berrly stressed upon looking and bringing up Indi-dogs at home . Animals and their vaccination and what type of food stuff can be given to them was well explained by Ms. Sanchis . APLA association started on its mission on 10 th march 2019 under the guidance of Mrs. Berryl Sanchis and has been instrumental in creating awareness in the society regarding rabies, vaccination of pets at home and how to prevent cruelty against stray animals.

Currently the organization has 350 members working in the city. The activities of the group includes Feeding, Rescue & rehabilitation; Treatment of the injured dogs, Food supplies for the needy canine members and Vaccination of adopted puppies which have all been funded by the volunteers. Students were very glad to know and responded in good number when it was asked by Mrs. Sanchis : Which dogs do you all look after or keep as your Pet at home? They promised to take care of even stray dogs. It was indeed a good informative visit by an NGO to our institution.

Marathwada Mukti Sangram Diwas - 2022

Podar International School CBSE Aurangabad celebrated Marathwada Liberation Day (Marathwada Mukti Sangram Diwas) on 17th September in the school premises. The day is celebrated in commemoration of the anniversary of Operation Polo, which led to the annexation of Hyderabad into the Union of India. The staff and students of the school gathered to remember the sacrifices of the bravehearts who made this unification possible.

Hindi Diwas Celebration - 2022

"Language is the road map of a culture.
It tells you where its people come from and where they are going."

Podar International School, Hindi Department celebrated Hindi Diwas on 14 September 2022.

The program was inaugurated by Sir Principal Mr. Ravindra Rana by lighting the lamp. A welcome dance was presented by Vidisha Vembakam, from class 10th.Introductory speech was given by Sir Sunil Mansure of the Hindi department. He emphasized the use of Hindi language in its pure form and inspired the students to make it the language of the people. Students from different classes participated enthusiastically by preparing greeting cards and murals. Importance of Hindi Diwas was given by Ritvi Tribhuvan of grade 9th.Various programs like group song, dance, poet recitation, riddle solving were presented in the special Assembly. In his presidential speech Principal, Sir Ravindra Rana expressed his views on the importance of Hindi language in keeping the nation connected and United. Vice Principal Mrs. Neelam Agrawal and Head of Administration Mr. Jignesh Jadhav graced the occasion. All the teachers contributed to the success of this event.

Teacher's Day Celebration - 2022

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara Guru Sakshat Parabrahma, Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah … In our history, a teacher has been given utmost importance because just as a mother’s womb gives shape to a human body, a teacher gives shape to human values which further strengthen our society as humanity and helps it in becoming progressive. A teacher opens a window of a thousand opportunities for students to lead them on a good path in life. Teachers, who inculcate knowledge, basic values and a way of life amongst students were felicitated and honoured by children in style. To celebrate the efforts of our teachers, members of Student Council led by Head Boy Ashutosh Sanap, Head Girl Riddhi Mundada and Cultural head Adhyayan Biswas planned multi-entertainment activities which made the day memorable for all. There were outdoor and indoor activities planned for the teachers. Class parties were also organized for Grades 8,9 and 10 where staff and students enjoyed cake cutting, shook a leg with their teachers and made merry.

Teachers love being appreciated and to make the occasion more memorable ‘OUTSTANDING TEACHER AWARD ‘was bestowed upon four teachers. Sir Yogiraj Pande, the voice and musician of our school, most dedicated and sincere Senior School Coordinator PGT Ms. Geeta Saini, TGT Hindi Sir Sunil Mansure and PRT and Year leader for Grade 1, Ms. Mercia Kharat were honoured for their meritorious services by the Principal. It was indeed a great boost for all to serve the institution with dedication. The Principal congratulated the staff for their dedication and commitment reminding them that they are the role models to the present and future of the nation. He stressed on the importance of collaboration between staff and students that will build a harmonious school culture making the school an ideal place for teaching and learning. The day ended with a sumptuous lunch for Staff, members of Student Council, support staff etc.

3D Science Exhibition - 2022

On 27 August 2022, our school organized a 3 D science exhibition. The event was inaugurated by Sir Principal at 10 am. Parents, Grand parents and other family members were all invited to witness various 3 D Models prepared by students of Grade 6-8. The aim of organising the event was to foster a scientific temperament among students and to develop a curiosity to learn how things work. An attempt was also made to take up this event as Art Integrated Activity.

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