School Events at Aurangabad

Thematic unit - "Our solar system" - 2023

Thematic unit - "Our solar system" was a two week module where students learned about the sun, moon and planets of our solar system. They learned the importance of the sun to living beings, phases of the moon, planets through various activities and role play and depicted their imagination and creativity.

THEMATIC UNIT: OUR SOLAR SYSTEM- Culminated in the event ‘Little Astronauts’ - 2023

"Students dressed up as astronauts and talked about space, activities of the module and did role play of planets. The classes were decorated in sync with the theme. The oratorical skills and confidence of students were appreciated by the parents. As this was the last of the culminating events, the students will now get ready for their final practice sheets and move to next grades".

3D Designing and Printing Competition - 2023

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The 3D printing and designing Inter-School competition was organized at Podar International School CBSE, Aurangabad.

Theme base Competition was organized for
Grades 5 to 8. Grade 5 Theme: Toy arena,
Grade 6 Theme: 3D automotive modelling,
Grade 7 Theme: 3D Architectural models &
Grade 8 Theme: 3D Modern Farm.

Students of grade 5 won the first prize and students of grade 6 to 8 won the runner up position.

Annual Day Celebration 2022-2023

Two years post pandemic, Podar International School (CBSE)Aurangabad celebrated its Annual Day for Primary and Senior School students on 10 th and 11 th February respectively. The events were graced by Dr.Pushpa Gaikwad HOD History Department from BAMU and Shri Manoj Kaley, General Manager,Nanded and Aurangabad HUB schools of Podar Education Network. School Principal, Mr. Ravinder Rana welcomed Principals of other Podar Schools. The School Annual Report was presented by the School Student Council.

The theme for the first day was “A Time To Celebrate” showcasing the cultural diversity of the country.Students performed on Dances of states like Kashmir, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Punjab, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra etc. The highlights of the day were a Covid Act presented by students of Grade 5D and a small act on Shivaji Maharaj.The theme of the Senior School was “The Five Elements” depicting the importance of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. The school orchestra presented a 20 minute rendition that mesmerised the audience. The importance of water and the circumstances caused by its shortage in the year 2050 was presented through a beautiful skit. The contributions of sportspeople like Mary Com, Mirabai Chanu and Neeraj Chopra were demonstrated through popular Bollywood songs. The Space element was presented by students of Grades 9 and 10 as the finale element that was the showstopper of the evening. Student toppers of Grades 1- 12 were presented with certificates and Trophies, Best Teacher awards were presented to Mrs. Mercia Kharat, Mr. Yogiraj Pandey, Mrs. Geeta Saini and Mr. Sunil Mansure. Mrs. Anjali Sharma was also felicitated for receiving Prestigious Dr. C.V. Raman National award for the Subject Physics.

74th Republic Day Celebration - 2023

Podar International School, Aurangabad Celebrated 74th Republic Day with patriotic zeal and fervour. The Management, Principal and Teachers of PIS, CBSE, Aurangabad, extended their warm greetings on this auspicious day. Mr. Manoj Kaley, General Manager, Aurangabad and Nanded Hub Podar Schools was the Chief Guest. Sir Principal, Mr. Ravinder Rana, Madam Vice-Principal, Mrs. Neelam Agrawal, Administrative Officer Mr. Jignesh Jadhav was also present on the occasion. Parents and students were also present in large numbers making the event a memorable one. The students conducted a special assembly to mark the occasion. Republic Day marks an important event in India’s history. It commemorates the enactment of the constitution of India which came into effect on January 26, 1950 and made the Nation into a Republic. Chief guest Shri Manoj Kaley unfurled the tricolour and inspired everyone with his motivational words. He encouraged the staff and the students to abide by the constitution of our motherland, he also appreciated India's contribution towards bringing peace, harmony and growth in different sectors. A plethora of activities was organized by students to infuse the spirit of unity, brotherhood and patriotism among those present. The students brought the stage alive with their passion and love of the motherland through their dance performance, skit on unsung heroes in the current era, a musical band show and a soothing/melodious choir song. Sir Principal Ravinder Rana remembered the freedom fighters and cautioned the students against mediocrity while highlighting that the current technology boom has brought in survival of the fittest. He also inspired the students to excel in every field thus contributing to the growth of the nation.The event concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by the Head girl of the school.

Culminating event “Fashion Fiesta” for Grade 1 & 2 - 2023

Let us remember, one book, one pen, one child, one teacher, one Principal can change the world.

Podar International School CBSE Aurangabad celebrated its culminating event “Fashion Fiesta” for Grade 1 and 2 on Saturday 21/01/2023. The topics of the event were Weather Watchers and Clothes. The atmosphere was electrifying and both parents and students were full of excitement. The event was graced by Principal, Vice-Principal and Admin Officer Mr. Jignesh Jadhav.A skit was performed by students from Grade 1 on Save Earth and Grade 2 performed “Laundry Basket”. Students did a ramp walk on the stage in different clothes. Parents appreciated the efforts taken by Teachers. In his speech, Sir Principal thanked the parents for their continued trust in school. He also reinforced the idea that parents must encourage participation of their wards in every event possible which in turn will make the kids confident in future.

Grade II 'Thematic Unit - Clothes' - 2022

"Grade-2 Thematic Unit - "Clothes" was a five week long programme where students learned about " clothes" through various activities, games and role plays. They learned about different fibres, clothes worn in the past and the present, seasonal clothes, special clothes, taking care of clothes etc. Students were able to explain the primary functions of clothing, discuss different types and styles of clothing, distinguish between casual and formal clothing and also analyze the roles of weather and occasion in clothing choices.

In Art and craft sessions the students made rakhis, caveman jewellery, laundry bags and learned different techniques of fabric printing and dyeing. Students also enjoyed energetic games of Thematic Unit - "Clothes" in P.E lessons."

12th Annual Sports Meet 'Spardha' 2022-2023

“Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with excellence.” - Jessica Guidobono

If there is one field of life which teaches us the most valuable lessons about perseverance, patience in fact what constitutes a perfect character, it is sports. Thus, on the 12 th of January, 2023, Podar International School, CBSE, Aurangabad organized their 12 th Annual Sport Meet for the year 2022-23. After a hiatus of two years due to the lingering fear of the COVID-19 pandemic, the school organized one of its most signature events. The Annual Sports Meet embodies the zeal, talents and spirit of sportsmanship of the students of Podar School. The theme for the Sports Day was “Put shackles on your greed, killing animals is not the need”.The most anticipated event of the year commenced with the arrival of the highly distinguished Chief guest, Mr. Abhijeet Dikkhat, Dept. of P.E,B.A.M.U. General Manager, Aurangabad Hub Schools, Mr. Manoj Kale,Principal of PIS ICSE, Dr. Raghuveer Y.V., Principal PIS Sundarwadi, Mrs. Vaishali Joshi, H.R. Mr. Ravee Sarovar, H.M. Mrs. Riya Kapoor,Podar Prep Waluj , H.M. Podar Prep, Shahnoorwadi, Mrs Rachana Jagtap, were other dignitaries who graced the event. After the Chief Guest had declared the Meet open, all four houses presented a March Past. The Oath Taking Ceremony took place with the Sports Captain Swanand Kulkarni and Ritvi Tribhuvan, pledging to uphold the honour and the spirit of true sportsmanship. The audience were in for a visual treat as the junior most students of the campus danced to rhythmic beats. Different sports activities were organized for the students of different Grades. The Lezim dance performance by grade VIII girls was yet another scintillating display of talent which showcased the culture of our state. Subsequently, the other races took place, succeeded by the Prize Distribution for the same. The parents too cheered their children throughout the event. Mrs. Vaishali Dushing and Mr. Sunil Mansure anchored the event. The Tug O’ War is an event which demands brute strength, sheer endurance and excellent team coordination, was definitely the most anticipated event of the day. The event held between the Grade IX and X enraptured the audience as the level of excitement drastically went up. Honourable Chief Guest, Mr. Abhijeet Dikkhat addressed the students, laying emphasis on the need to imbibe qualities of discipline, sportsmanship spirit and to never be disappointed by failure in life, while thanking all the teachers who had ever taught him. A token of gratitude was presented to the respected Chief Guest by our school Principal Sir Ravinder Rana. Up next, the Chief Guest was invited to give away the prizes and felicitate the rightful winners with medals and certificates of excellence.The events of the day came to an end with Sir Principal declaring the Best Sports Houses in different categories. The trophy for Best House Decoration was won by Ignis House, March Past Trophy was won by Ventus House and the Best House Trophy for A.Y. 2022-23 was bagged by Aqua House. The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Vice Principal Mrs Neelam Agrawal. She thanked everyone for their presence and support, and congratulated the students for their exceptional performances.

National Mathematics Day - 2022

“An equation for me has no meaning unless it expresses a thought of God ”

In India, the day December 22 has been declared as the National Mathematics Day. This day was celebrated at Podar International CBSE Aurangabad as a mark of respect to Indian Mathematical Genius Srinivasa Ramanujan.Mathematics is the pillar of Science and Technology. The advancement of human civilization can be somewhat attributed to this subject. Many modern discourses such as Numerology also have their origin in Mathematics. The credit for all these belongs to one and only Mr. Srinivasa Ramanujan. The Theory of Numbers developed by him became an asset, based on which, infinite series, permutation and combination and even probability were developed. The Law of Averages and even the logic of mathematical analysis were invented by this great mathematician.The main motto of celebrating National Mathematics day is to make people aware of the significance of numbers in life. According to Ramanujan, “Numbers do speak”. On this very day, several schools and colleges till date organize camps and training for both the teachers and students to enrich their mathematical skills.The National Academy of Sciences, India every year pays homage to this mathematician with a two-day workshop where the contributions of the Indian mathematicians like Brahmagupta and Aryabhata were discussed followed by presentations of the students. This idea cropped up in 2012 by UNESCO who agreed to sign a joint venture with India to spread the importance of mathematics throughout the globe. Dr.Manmohan Singh, the then Prime Minister of India, organized a seminar as 2012 happened to be the 125th birth anniversary of this great mathematician who was born in Chennai. Students were informed in that seminar how India contributed to the development of mathematics right from the Vedic period to the medieval ages. Sir Principal Ravindra Rana highlighted the contribution of Ramanujan .He also appreciated the contribution of the Maths Department and encouraged them to continue to bring great enthusiasm in students for mathematics. Ma’am Vice Principal and admin Sir Jignesh were also present and appreciated the Maths faculty. Grade VIII students hosted the program under the guidance of Ms. Yamini Asar. Students highlighted the importance of the day and presented the various maths formulas in a creative manner.

Grade 2 Thematic unit - Clothes - 2022

Integrated English session under Thematic unit "clothes" students learned about the Halloween festival and practised the different customs and traditions followed during the festival. students wearing spooky costumes went around the school for ‘Trick or Treat’.

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