Dear Students, Staff and Parents:

I am honored to be an integral part of Podar International School, Baramati as your principal and it is with great pleasure I welcome you to the new academic year!

At Podar International School, Baramati, we are committed to provide intellectually challenging and safe environment that empower the students to become inspired learners, innovative thinkers and creative problem solvers to thrive in the 21st century.

I appreciate the commitment of the school and the staff for providing an excellent all-round education for our students in our state of the art facilities. I being the leader and my team working together, we strongly promote academic achievement among our students. High standards and expectations for each student in regard to academic performance, co-curricular participation, and responsible citizenship are the foundation of our school.

Full participation in academic and co-curricular activities and a willingness to act responsibly as an individual within our educational environment are the factors that enable all to have a successful and enjoyable year. The cultural, sports and other successes of all of our students and staff are also proudly celebrated together. It is the contribution of our students to our school community that makes Podar International School, Baramati an exceptional learning community.

We believe that successful students:

  • Contribute to the local and global community in a collaborative and respectful manner.
  • Employ critical and creative thinking skills to solve problems.
  • Communicate in a meaningful way for a variety of purposes and audiences.
  • Make positive choices related to physical and mental wellness.

Let’s work together this year again to set the benchmark a little higher and attain the goal with full dedication and determination. Wish you all another wonderful academic year.


Tushar Kulkarni
M.C.M., B.Ed, B.Sc (Elex.)
Principal - Podar International School Baramati