Let me share a story. There was a child. He was very good at studies. One day early in the morning, he woke up shivering with fever. When his mother asked what had happened, what was he afraid of? He replied ,"I had seen a big giant in my dream, he was very dangerous and was coming towards me. So I woke up suddenly' Mama counseled him saying "Look my child ,it's dream, it's not a reality, there is nothing to worry". Next morning again, the same thing happened, he saw the same giant, but bigger in size than it was seen earlier. Mama counseled him again. Every day the child would dream of the giant and every day mama would counsel him. The giant gradually increased in size and the child began to lose his health. Also, he was depressed a lot. One day, his mother consulted his father and decided on something. The next day, when the child told again that he had seen the same giant in his dream ,his mother asked why he did not hit it? "The giant is so big, how can I hit it", the child replied. Mother told, "Look son, the giant is so big that wherever you hit you will not miss. It is very easy to aim at a bigger target'. The child became happy. That day he went to bed early. Next day, with a happy mood he got up and told his mom "Mom, I have killed the giant'.

What do we learn from this story?. Problems are problem, they are neither big nor small. It is our own attitude, our vision how we look at it, determines whether the problem is big or small.

Do you know "All bird find shelter during a rain, but eagle avoids rain by flying above the cloud". Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference.

In life we come across a number of situations where we find ourselves helpless due to a number of problems before us. It depends on an individual how he/she looks at it. Whether he/she inflates it or deflates it with positive thoughts, strong determination and increased self confidence.

Wish everyone a great and splendid time of learning with PODAR.

Mr. S. N. Sahu
Principal, Podar International School - Nagpur (Besa)