1. What is the admission process?

Parents to come to the admission office in the school and collect a registration kit for Jumbo Kids or application form for Std 1 onwards. The application form for std 1 onwards can be downloaded and submitted online as well -

A completed form along with the Cheque for 1st term fees is to be returned by the parents to the school office.

The student will only be considered a confirmed admission once the first term fees are paid by the student.

2. What are the documents required at the time of admission?

For Podar Prep, only a Xerox copy of the child’s birth certificate is required.

For admission in Std 1 onwards:

  • Xerox copy of birth certificate
  • Original school leaving certificate (this can be submitted when received by student)
  • Original last Report Card
3. What kind of entrance test will be taken at the time of admission?

No written test is conducted at Podar School. Admissions are taken on a first come, first serve basis.

4. Will there be an increase in fees next year ?

Every year there may be an increase in fees of 10-15% depending on inflation.

5. In what name should the fee cheques be made?
Grade Name on Cheque
Junior KG to Senior KG Podar Prep
Std 1 onwards : CBSE Podar International School
Std 1 onwards : CIE Podar International School – CIE
Enrichment fees Podar Education Network – Sports
Admission Kits (applicable only to Podar Prep) Shikshan Kit Private Limited
Age Criteria
6. What is the age criteria for Podar Prep?
NURSERY 3 years complete by 31st December 2023
Junior KG 4 years complete by 31st December 2023
Senior KG 5 years complete by 31st December 2023

7. What grades will commence from April 2022 ?

From April 2022, Podar International School, Powai will be taking admissions from Playschool to Grade 10 (CBSE & CIE). Grade 11 and Grade 12 (CBSE – Science, Commerce, Medical integrated and non medical integrated) will also be functioning n the school.

8. Will there be Podar International School buses in Powai ?

Yes, there will be school bus service operating on extensive routes provided by the school. Safety is the primary concern of the school when students our travelling in the school bus and each Podar bus will have a trained driver, conductor and Lady attendant. Speed governors and CCTV cameras will also be fitted in the Podar School Buses. School bus service is highly recommended but optional.

9. How will the infrastructure be?

We ensure that our students learn in an interactive and fun way. Classrooms will have abundant technology such as projectors and visualizers. There will be 2 state of the art computer labs (one for the Kindergarten section and the other for Std 1 onwards), abundantly stacked library, 3 Science Labs (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), multi-purpose activity rooms, indoor sports room etc. An optional canteen service will also be provided.

10. Will CCTV cameras be there in the school?

Yes, CCTV cameras will be installed in all classrooms and public corridors.

Extra Curricular Activities
11. What will the sports facilities be?

The school will have provisions for indoor sports inside the school campus. For outdoor sports, the school has tied up with an external ground where students can play a variety of outdoor sports. At Podar, we make sure that the student is active both in and out of the classroom.

General Questions
12. If I get transferred, is it possible to transfer from one Podar International School to another Podar International School location?

Yes. This is possible. Existing Podar students are given first preference with regards to admissions.

13. What are the school timings?
Grade Morning Shift timing Afternoon Shift timing
Podar Prep 8:00am to 11:00am 11:15am to 2:15pm
Std 1 onwards : CBSE 7:00am to 12:15pm 12:30pm to 5:45pm
Std 1 onwards : CIE 7:00am to 12:15pm 12:30pm to 5:45pm

*Please note the timings are subject to change.

14. How many students will be there per division?
Grade Number of students (approx)
Playgroup and Nursery 35
Junior Kg and Senior Kg 40
Std 1 onwards : CBSE 42
Std 1 onwards : CIE 30
15. What will be the student/teacher ratio ?

In Podar Prep – one teacher for 20 students.

In Std 1 onwards : CBSE – one teacher for 26 students.

In Std 1 onwards : CIE – one teacher for 16 students.

16. Is the school managed by Podar?

This is a Podar managed and operated school. It is not a Franchisee.