In the 21st century, our learners are truly global citizens who are immersed in the world that they live both physically and virtually.

As we prepare our students for a world inundated with numerous opportunities it is important to equip them with capacities that the future will demand. School education must provide students with the behaviours , knowledge & skills that enable them to become active and engaged citizens who chose to take action to solve a problem either individually and with others.

The 21st-century global skill set includes traditional, testable basics such as math and literacy, but extends beyond that to encompass the world in which we live.

The important skills, behaviours, and attitudes that students need to become responsible and contributing global citizens include being a creative thinker, being a problem solver, being able to communicate effectively and being ethical and empathetic.

At Podar International School we are dedicated to helping create responsible and caring new leaders of the 21st Century through our exclusive pedagogical approach coupled with progressive and forward thinking advancements in the curriculum. We have incorporated a range of activities in the curriculum , that are designed to nurture personal qualities including empathy, integrity, respect, responsibility and tolerance.

We understand that individual success increasingly depends upon students’ interpersonal dexterity, creativity, and ability to innovate. And our collective success , our ability to navigate complexities and to build and sustain a peaceful world also hinges on these kinds of skills.

Our perpetual effort is to provide varied and enriching experiences to our students . It is and will remain our persistent endeavour to ensure that our students while becoming global citizens are deeply rooted in our culture. We are devoted to prepare our students for a world in need of highly skilled professionals as well as empower them to be the intellectual and ethical capital of the world.

Join us to experience a life-changing educational journey with us !We are PODAR!

Priya Rajwade
Principal, Podar International School - Powai (CBSE)