School Events at Sara City

Ashadhi Ekadshi and Bakari Eid Celebration - 2021

Let the Blessings of Almighty Be Our Strength and Source of LIFE!

Special Session - 2021

“The things that matter the most in our lives are not fantabulous or grand. They are moments we touch one another by being mindful.” Let us celebrate being Mindful and being Purposeful at All Times.

Art and Craft Session - 2021

“Let us Artistically Craft Our Life with Beautiful Colours of Humanity, Humour, Humbleness, Happiness, Hugs and Hope for a Trust Worthy Tomorrow for ALL”

Abacus Session - 2021

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot CHANGE their minds cannot change anything. Change the way YOU THINK - ITS POSSIBLE!"

Computer Session - 2021

“Compute - Compete- Comprehend to Create a Compassionate Technology to help All Excel in LIFE”

English Session - 2021

Language Makes Our Life Meaningful - Let us Learn, Live, Love the Language of the World - Communicate to Connect

Online Summer Vacation 'Nutrition Session' - 2021

Virtual Students Birthday Celebration - 2020

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