Innovation labs and Computer Labs

Every Podar school has an advanced ICT Lab and a robust ICT curriculum that covers topics like coding, design, web applications, mobile apps, and 3D printing during computer practicals.

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Smart Classes

Each Podar school’s classroom is equipped with projectors & visualizers that help students understand, visually relate, and grasp subject matters and complex concepts by thinking in three-dimensional space.

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Transport Service

We offer a fully supervised bus service for all students to travel to & from school. Every bus has a licensed driver, trained conductor, and a lady attendant who can be contacted for any concerns.

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Sports Lab

The Sports Lab is aimed at developing fundamental skills such as focus, strategic thinking and leadership through the practise of sporting discipline.

Our ensemble of sporting activities include :

  • Traditional sports such as basketball, cricket, hockey and football. New age sport such as skating.
  • Coaches for each sport are selected after careful scrutiny to ensure that experience, knowledge and teaching skills are brought together for the benefit of our students.
  • Each extracurricular activity has a carefully constructed syllabus, which is taught in a scientific and planed manner to ensure the participants not only enjoy the sport, but also develop the qualities that these sports nurture in the athletes.
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