At Podar Education Network we have, in our eight-decade long expertise in nurturing and guiding students, realised that our objective is not merely to train students and get them to clear examinations but to encourage their scientific temper, foster creativity and most importantly inculcate the values and standards that are required to make them proud citizens.

The 5 Pillars of the Podar Education Network experience

the right approach

Our vision has led us to adopt a pervasive and learner-centric teaching methodology that focuses on an Explore – Experience – Implement model of learning that is practiced at all levels of the organisation.

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the right curriculum

At Podar, we ensure that the quality of education is of the highest quality in all our schools. All our Lesson plans and exams are set by our extremely experienced Podar Innovation Center.

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the right faculty

At Podar, we take our teaching seriously and believe that the most important aspect of a school is the quality of their faculty. We make sure it is the right person for the right job at all times. Hence we employ a two-pronged approach to get best teachers for our students.

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the right environment

Each child develops differently. At Podar, we understand this perfectly and provide our young learners with the ideal learning environment where they are not limited by anything in their endeavours to learn.

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the right skills

We understand that all work and no play makes our young learners stifled and our extracurricular activities are aimed at addressing this very factor of school life.

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