Every child is a butterfly, making its presence felt through its flight.
Some can fly higher than others; and each one flies the best it can.
Everyone is special, unique & beautiful......

Life is a journey and it is all about learning new lessons everyday…… From the first step that the Podarians take into the premises of Podar International School at Waluj, every child sets its goal to counter the challenges of the gigantic real world. We at Podar, try to build the character and mental attitude of our children, instill basic principles of life and nurture their individual capabilities to the fullest, so that they are gradually getting prepared to face the world. The school bestows holistic education, immense learning experiences and other academic quests through the most innovative and progressive ways. The students of our school are making their mark not only in academics but also in the field of sports, music, fine arts etc. Our endeavour is to maintain a perfect harmony between the school curriculum and the co-curricular activities. It’s our belief that our education should now move from knowledge to skills and wisdom, from competition to co-operation, from division to unity and finally from ‘how to earn a livelihood, to how to live a happy life’.

We aim at making our students capable enough to be self-directed and self-managed individuals who can confront the challenges of life without wavering and be the changemakers and not followers of irrational thoughts and beliefs. Our children are not only taught to be scientific in their thoughts and approach towards life but also to be rooted to their rich culture and tradition. Not only to fly high in the open sky of tremendous opportunities but also treat every human and living beings with respect and dignity. The school gradually making its brand name significantly noticed, for its quality education, personality development, enthralling learning experience and grooming of young minds.

The essence of Podar International School, Waluj also lies in its inclusiveness where we believe one school one united family. We strive to render a common learning platform where the students of all age groups, regardless of any challenges, are warmly welcomed and conscientiously supported to learn, contribute and participate in all aspects of life at school. We have an efficient team of special educators who cater to the special needs of the students and guide them to cope with mainstream education. The leadership team at Podar International School, Waluj is competent, efficacious, experienced and informed communicators with a broad spectrum of interests. They are not mere instructors but learned and devoted mentors (Gurus) that the students see in them role models with character, excellence and commitment.

Our school imparts value and skill-based education striving to bring out the best in every child. We focus primarily on preparing our students to be worthy citizens, refined in heart and mind and skilled enough to achieve paramount goals. Our earnest effort is to provide a conducive learning environment to each and every Podarian so that when they go out of the safe bounds of this family, they brim with confidence, value empathy and emerge as the leaders of tomorrow.

Dr. Louis Rodrigues
Principal, Podar International School - Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar (Waluj)