3 Of The Best Reasons That Make Podar International School Udupi Worth The Hype

18 February 2022
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In a post-COVID world, it is perfectly normal for parents to be anxious about schools re-opening. Concerned about safety and wellbeing about their kids while they go back to normal schooling after 2 years of uncertainty is completely valid. Keeping this in mind, Podar International School, an international school in Udupi and among the best scbse schools in Udupi keeps an open communication channel with parents and guardians. One of the reasons why PIS is one of the best schools in Udupi is that they not only hear out the parents but make concerted efforts to make this transition to full time schooling easier for the children. It is not easy to break a routine that children have gotten used to in the last 2 years, something that our school understands! Elevated levels of communication, effective leadership and a safe environment for children to thrive are among the top reasons that make PIS Udipi worth it.

Two Way Channel of Communication - Post-COVID, there have been multiple phases of re-opening and closure. Schools have often gone back on their mandates to keep schools open in these uncertain times. PIS Udupi understands the frustration that can develop among parents with a wavering stance when it comes to the opening of schools. This is why it maintains a dedicated two-way channel with the parents and caregivers, giving them frequent and detailed updates about school policy and government mandates so that parents can find common ground with the school administration. This channel of communication facilitates the parent’s role in ensuring their child’s safety and creates an open channel of communication with the administrative staff so that their inquiries, big or small, are easily answered by the officials. This attention to detail and flow of communication is what makes PIS one of the best schools in Udupi.

Safe Environment For Children - Sending your kids to school isn’t as stress-free for parents anymore. Ensuring that their kids are masked up, sanitized, and are safe overall are topics that are constantly plaguing the minds of parents as schools re-open. Podar International School, Udupi has taken all the effort to make the school environment not only safe in terms of the COVID norms but provide a safe space for children to help with any mental anguish, anxiety, and hesitance as they come back to in-classroom teaching. PIS has strict COVID-19 norms in place with ample infrastructure for sanitization and masks for students. With mandatory vaccination rules for staff, your children will be returning to a safe space for learning. When it comes to addressing post-Covid learning hesitancy in children, our school utterly understands the re-socialisation and transition stress on children. With dedicated school counselors, and structured transition, PIS is truly one of the most thoughtful and best CBSE schools in Udupi.

Competent Leadership - Any institution is as good as its leadership. PIS Bangalore understands this sentiment, which is why it has the most stable, open, and competent leadership at its helm. Management at PIS has taken a strong and effective step to make their schools safe for in-classroom learning. By adopting stringent COVID-19 protocols, keeping parents informed regularly, and adopting a seamless process of blended and in-person learning- the leadership at the school has made it a perfect environment for its students to thrive.

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