5 Advantages of Virtual Classes No One Talks About

16 July 2021
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A lot has been said about why virtual schooling is detrimental; however, there's always a silver lining. With schools in India operating on online classes, children become more tech-savvy and learn to manage their time better, even becoming more self-reliant. Before we proceed further into understanding why virtual classes are, in fact, benefitting children, you can read about the do’s and don’ts of online classes in this article, and also understand the different ways you can keep your child focussed.

So, here are a few advantages of virtual classes that give your child an edge in the modern tech-obsessed environment -

  1. Online classes for kids is an efficient way of imparting education as it offers a seamless medium for the passage of knowledge. As kids grow up in a digital age, they become more comfortable with a virtual medium than they are with a blackboard and a notebook. Through easy access by the use of PDFs, podcasts, interactive videos, teachers can provide a more extensive and comprehensive learning experience for children which goes beyond the ambit of a four-walled classroom. Schools like Podar International School make use of these interactive teaching and learning methods to boost your child’s knowledge and interest in learning.
  2. Another important advantage of virtual classes and virtual learning is accessibility. Children can attend these classes from whichever location is comfortable for them. This removes the geographical restriction placed on students and helps teachers broaden their network and reach out to more eager learners. Furthermore, these classes are recorded and can be accessed at any tie for future reference.
  3. Virtual Classrooms are flexible when it comes to your child’s learning requirements. It makes an important consideration that every child has a different learning style- some may be visual learners while some maybe are more comfortable with audio, some children learn best on their own and some children prefer to learn with a group. Virtual learning helps provide your child the best environment suited to their needs to optimize their learning experience, like Podar International School, through their diverse learning methods offers your child multiple avenues to enhance their learning experience through a virtual medium.
  4. Virtual learning upgrades your child’s digital skill sets. In a world where a good aptitude for computers gives students a competitive edge, your child gets more acquainted with the technology and becomes more tech-savvy. Introduction to various digital platforms makes your child more resourceful and skilled and develops more interest in technology that goes beyond entertainment and gaming.
  5. Virtual education helps provide a more self-directed learning experience for your child. Through a plethora of resources already available online for a more enriched learning experience, your child gains more insight on a particular topic than they would if they were just confined to their textbooks. This, combined with learning at their pace helps make your child more independent and self-reliant when it comes to their education.

Podar International School has been up-to-date with the current times and is one of the first schools to have taken the plunge to make the kids tech-savvy even before the pandemic. However, since the Covid-19 breakout, Podar shifted all its classes online and made learning a fun affair for children.

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