5 New Year Resolutions To See Us Through 2022

17 January 2022
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2021 was a year filled with dread, uncertainty, hope, and excitement. On one end, the vaccination efforts of India reached a new high with a billion vaccinations made, while on the other hand the devastation caused by the deadly second wave still lingers on even today. It has been 2 years since the pandemic started, and still a clear light at the end of the tunnel is yet to come, what with the latest Omicron variant. However, with every new year comes the yearning for new possibilities for your health, prosperity, and overall growth. Every New year presents exciting reasons for new resolutions for school students- whether it is improvement in schoolwork, becoming better at a language, being more disciplined with their routine, getting into their dream college- whatever may be, the new year always presents new opportunities for students and adults alike to reflect on the year gone by and identify areas that need to be changed. A promise to better health, more discipline, and more balanced life, here are 5 new year resolutions your kids can take and actually see-through in 2022 -

  • Health is an important area for any person regardless of age. The pandemic is a great reminder of the old adage- health is wealth. It cannot ring truer at any time other than this. 2022 is an important reminder to thank our body for pulling us through a pandemic and keeping us safe and alive in the face of a deadly virus that still haunts us even today. Taking a step towards a healthier life- like say going for regular walks, indulging in at least 30 minutes of daily exercise, or eating cleaner and mindfully are great new year resolutions for students and adults alike. Children who have been denied access to parks and playgrounds for a huge part of the last 2 years have become quite comfortable in their couches, however, let 2022 be the year where they take some time out of the day to keep themselves active.

  • For parents, a great new year resolution would be to strike a balance. With our homes being turned into makeshift conference rooms, the lines between work and home were often blurred during the pandemic. Let 2022 be a year where you try to set boundaries when it comes to your work life. Whether it is using those vacation days to absolutely do nothing and enjoy the day with your family, or taking time out to have a meal with the kids, a boundary can be anything. Understanding that work and family are two separate parts of our lives is the first step. A good new year resolution would be to not attend to work calls and emails in your off-time no matter how many times your colleague wants a response, or not attend to work calls while eating a meal with your family.

  • From the beginning of 2020 life’s daily routine has surely gone for a toss. No more stringent 8 am bus pick-ups or 9:00 am in-time at the office. Pandemic office and school hours worked on a whole different dynamic. A great new year’s resolution for students would be to start disciplining themselves to stick to a routine this year. Going to bed on time, setting aside time for homework and leisure, devoting time to extra-curricular activities, and waking up early, are some things students should be encouraged to do this year. Schools will be opening up soon, and these habits will ultimately lead to an easier transition into normal school life.

  • Prioritizing mental health in 2022 is a must-take new year’s resolution in 2022. This is not only a good new year’s resolution for students but also adults as well. This pandemic has taught us that mental issues cannot be afforded to be brushed aside anymore. As a collective, the world has gone through a period of panic, despair, and uncertainty that has made us all acknowledge the importance of mental health. Let 2022 be a year where we start taking care of our minds as much as we do with our bodies.

  • Although we recognize the importance of a good night’s sleep, we often fail to implement that in our daily life. 2022 should be a year where we prioritize sleep in our daily lives. This is an important new year’s resolution for students as they are growing children and sleep is an important factor for their overall brain and body development. Sleep is the crucial time when the body conducts important repairs and helps with the smooth functioning of the body and improper sleep leads to development problems as well as lack of concentration during wakeful hours.

Now that you’ve made your resolutions, make sure you see them through this year. You can read more content from us here that could help you in more ways that one to stick to your resolutions.

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