5 Study Tips To Prepare For Exams

26 July 2021
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Education in India has two important exams also called the board exams in the 10th and the 12th standard which serves as milestones and forms an important part of your child’s academic record. At Podar International School, seminal attention is awarded to providing the best teaching and learning environment for CBSE students by using a host of application-based and interactive learning modules to enrich their understanding of the CBSE curriculum. Creating a study plan to making cheat sheets and working on your speed and accuracy, here are 5 study tips to prep for exams -

  1. One of the best tips for how to prepare for exams is to solve as many sample papers as you can. This familiarises you with the different patterns and the kind of questions and also builds up your speed and accuracy. Knowing the pattern well helps to build your confidence and keeps you ahead in your preparation.

  2. The best way to keep up with your preparation is to be consistent. Consistency is key as it helps to keep the concepts and the learnings from your classes fresh and promotes a more accurate understanding of difficult parts of your syllabus. For example- if you are trying to get better at math, try to start with solving 10 sums on a difficult concept, and as you get more comfortable with the topic, try increasing the number of sums solved per day and stick with it.

  3. For more subjects such as Social Studies and English, it is essential to maintain notes and revise them regularly. Remembering such a large chunk of information can get quite cumbersome and weary for students so it is advised to make notes and mnemonics out of your material that you are quite comfortable with. Revising those regularly helps to assimilate that information efficiently in your brain that is sure to bring you success during your exams.

  4. Don’t try to invest long hours into your coursework as it might lead to burnout and derail your preparations. It is a common saying that the more hours you put in, the more marks you will get but that is not true. Putting in 11-12 hours makes you more stressed and jittery that might affect your performance negatively. Instead, invest 5-6 hours a day and take short breaks in between that can help you build your concentration and also help to cut down on stress and tension during the exam day.

  5. Taking Mock Exams can boost your preparation by a lot. Due to constant changes in the syllabus and exam pattern, students may be confused when it comes to the layout of the exam. Therefore, it is advised that students take mock exams regularly as it serves as a litmus test for their ongoing preparations. Additionally, it makes you more adept and comfortable with any changes that might have been introduced in your board exams. Taking mock exams is definitely one of the best ways to study for exams as it constantly keeps you aware of your performance and gives you insights about your areas of improvement.

At Podar, we prep our students along the way to make sure they give their best in all exams, and tests are made to be less daunting. In fact, here are some interesting tips on how to study independently.

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