Study Smart: How You Can Get Your Child To Study Independently

26 April 2021
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A growing child needs plenty of tender love, care and guidance. And while any of the best schools in the country will provide a home-like atmosphere in school for the kid, they will also try and inculcate values such as independence and self-reliance, which will make things easier for everyone- the child, teachers and the parents. And to help your child study independently, we have a list of study tips for students. At Podar International School, we practice what we preach and here are some ways you can make your child study independently.

Make A Schedule

The easiest and the most effective way to get your kid to study is by forming a schedule that’s easy to follow and will guarantee good results. Create a schedule in a way where you cover the following points:

  • Learning new lessons
  • Completing homework
  • Snack break
  • Revision
  • Play break
  • Checking off the daily to-do list and creating a new one for the next day

This will help your little one plan the day and your job will be making sure they adhere to the schedule.

Don’t Chase Numbers

As parents and as teachers, your job is to get your child to learn new things everyday. Grades can always follow. If you make study time only about numbers and chasing grades, you will effectively take the joy out of the learning process. Let your child understand that it’s important for them to learn first and learn thoroughly.

Keep Out Of The Way

If you want to make your kid study independently, you need to stay out of their path. No no, don’t take this the wrong way. We’re not saying cut all ties and don’t help them. We’re saying prioritise where they need your help and what’s the work that they can manage themselves. For example, if there’s a regular class test coming up, let them study for it by themselves. This will help them prep better and on their own for the real exams. And it’s important to tell them that failures matter as much as success. So if they don’t score a perfect 10/10 by studying for themselves or even score less than anticipated, it’s alright. This should, in turn, motivate them to work hard and do better the next time.

Stay Connected With The Teacher

We can give you a list of smart study tips for kids, but there’s one thing you absolutely must follow- staying connected with your kid’s teacher. Just like you provide care, nourishing and values at home, the teacher does a similar job at school. So if you want to understand your child’s abilities a bit more, know their strengths and weaknesses better, then keep in touch with their teacher. Thankfully, some of the best schools in India, including ours, have strong parent-teacher associations.

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Understand Your Child’s Style Of Learning

If you don’t know what kind of a learner your child is, you won’t be able to help them help themselves. Knowing if your child is an auditory, kinesthetic or visual learner will help you plan their schedule and activities better and help them play to their strengths. Read more about types of learners to get better insight on this subject.

Stay Firm, But Acknowledge Their Achievements

If you want your child to study independently, then you have to stay firm and disciplined yourself. Do not get carried away with your emotions and go to help them at every beck and all. As we said earlier, it’s important for your child to learn from their mistakes and failures, and it’s necessary for you to let them make those mistakes. Similarly, every time your child does something right, applaud them. This will only motivate them to take matters in their hands and make them believe that they can do it on their own.

At Podar International School, our teachers inculcate these values in students from a young age. If you want to enrol your child in any of our schools, read more about the easy admission process here.

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