5 Ways To Prep Your Kid For Secondary School

25 May 2021
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Is your little one moving out of primary school and entering the world of older kids in secondary school? Are you anxious about how your child is going to cope with these big changes? Here are top 5 ways you can prep your child before they enter the big and challenging world of secondary school.

  1. Familiarise Your Child with the Changes in Advance -

    Talk to your child at length about the various kind changes that are going to occur in their lives. Familiarise them with the change in their routines, talk to them about the different things that they will miss about their primary school and ask them about what excites them about secondary school education. This will give you a clear idea about any current reservations your child may have about secondary schools and it can give you an opportunity to strategize and possibly ease some of their hesitations.

  2. Encourage Independence -

    Secondary school might demand a greater sense of independence from your child than they are used to. Familiarise your child to do certain tasks by themselves. For example, if they are going to take a carpool to school, try a few practice sessions with his/her friends so that your child is used to this environment and doesn’t feel too uncomfortable going to school by himself. Encourage more independent time of play with friends in parks or supervised environments so that your child can grow and get used to socialising on their own. Encourage your child to take initiative to take up small tasks around the house, if it is washing a few dishes or making their own bed- encourage your child to do certain personal chores by themselves under your supervision and guidance.

  3. Encourage Responsibility -

    Train your child to be more responsible, for example teach them to be more cognisant of their belongings, if they are coming home before you at any time teach them to use the key to unlock the door, to make small snacks for themselves when they are hungry, learning how to tie a tie, if their uniform requires the same. Encouraging them to make a dedicated timetable for their routine can help them to ease into the demands of secondary school.

  4. Introduce Topics Beforehand -

    Before they start school, it might be helpful if you introduce topics they might start in secondary school. Creating a learning environment in the beginning for topics that seem intimidating can go a long way in reducing future anxieties with the same topics. Transforming the study material into fun learning activities for your child can help them familiarise themselves with what’s coming. For example, if your child has initial hesitancy with arithmetic, you can always reinforce and strengthen your child’s basic concepts through fun games. To ease into a higher level of reading, you may encourage your children to read at a higher level or introduce different novels and books to your children so that they ease into Secondary school.


  5. Prepare Everything In Advance -

    You have to create a supportive learning environment for your kids. Make sure to shop for the school supplies, the uniform (if required), school bags and make new travel arrangements well in advance. It is advised that when it comes to your child’s transportation to school you make sure the routes are familiar with the child and that the mode of transportation is absolutely safe and trusted by other parents. Try to make a group with other parents so that you remain connected to a network of people going through the same thing as you are, discuss your apprehensions, your experience with your children and share them with your network. Regularly check the school’s website if they have made any last minute changes, try to get an assessment of your child’s secondary curriculum so that you may shop for supplies for a particular subject beforehand. Be sure of the school’s timings and plan your child’s routine and extracurricular activities in accordance with the timings so that there is no clash in your child’s schedule during the school year. Discuss various extracurricular options with your child and help him/her navigate their interests in a particular field be it sports, art, writing, speaking etc. Make sure that they are getting enough sleep so that you can prepare and adjust their sleep cycle to the school’s timings.

Follow these simple yet time saving ways to ease your child’s transition into secondary school. Engage in these important discussions with your child to better equip them with the challenges of secondary school! The best schools in India will ensure this transition is smooth and seamless.

PS: Don’t forget to make recreational activities an important part of their life. All study and no play does no good to anyone!

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