6 Reasons Why Parents In Maharashtra Are Opting for International Schools

19 May 2021
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Parents these days are increasingly looking for better educational opportunities for their children, be it better curriculum structure, smaller teacher to student ratio, extracurricular opportunities for their children and so on. While ISC, CBSE and State Boards have a somewhat fixed structure of education, it often limits a child’s potential and often doesn’t provide a bigger room for growth. However, education in India is becoming better and is always going through change. Here’s why parents are now looking at international schools as a viable option for their children -

  • Class Room Strength -

    One of the key differentiators between ICSE, CBSE and State Board schools is the class strength. In a usual CBSE school, the class strength is anywhere between 40-50 which inhibits individual attention to the student’s strengths and weaknesses. An IB board usually has a maximum class strength of 20-25 which not only guarantees individualised attention but keeps a detailed eye of a student’s strengths and weaknesses and helps mould a student’s profile keeping in mind their individual capabilities. This class structure makes a world of a difference.

  • Assessment -

    In most schools in India, rather Indian boards, assessment of a child’s capabilities are limited to recall and not much on the core understanding of the concept. In these schools, attention is given to whether the child can accurately recall all the information taught in class, not if the child has actually understood the topic or the underlying concept. Students can therefore cram before exams and get very high marks, however international boards focus on application based assessment that not only strengthens their core understanding of a concept, but also helps build scenarios where they can apply the same.

  • Diverse Choice in Subjects -

    In most Indian Schools after Class 10, students are made to choose subjects from a limited set of options with little to no room for flexibility. International schools help bridge that gap by providing a wide range of options and encouraging interdisciplinary learning where a student can select subjects ranging from arts to science. Not just that, the child can also choose their level of learning in a particular subject. For example- in IGCSE, a student can choose to either delve deep into a subject through the Extended option while Core touches on the syllabus of a variety of subjects. Students can adjust their learning level and this curriculum can be adjusted to any child with learning difficulties.

  • Holistic Development -

    International Schools place an overwhelming amount of importance on a child’s overall growth which is quite different from the academics only oriented ICSE or CBSE schools. They encourage a host of extracurricular activities which range from sports to music to debating. They encourage a child’s own personal and moral development and not just focus on their academic goals but also their personality, emotional and mental growth.

  • Experienced and Highly Qualified Faculty -

    International Teachers regularly require their teachers to attend workshops to constantly up-skill their teaching methods. These opportunities help in the growth of a teacher’s professional capabilities and help make their teaching more relevant and student oriented. This constant enhancement of Skill sets makes them highly qualified and knowledgeable in their field.

  • Better Access to World Class Colleges -

    International Boards pay individualised attention to students opting to go abroad for their further education. Since their academics match international requirements, IB board students are better equipped and informed than other students when it comes to their college applications. Dedicated counsellors in these IB schools make sure that their student has a strong chance for acceptance by monitoring every individual application and tracking the developments of the same.

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