DIY Activities That Will Keep Your Kids Engaged Through The Holidays

20 December 2021
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It is the winter break and kids are getting a much-needed holiday from homework! This leisure time is often pre-dominated by Netflix and video games and all that is fine within moderation, but this time can also be used to learn new things, or to engage in activities and create something fun! There are some craft ideas and DIY ideas and hacks that you can try to engage your kids in some interesting and meaningful activities this winter holiday. Creating Christmas tree ornaments to making homemade playdough and more, here are 5 cool DIY ideas for kids to do at home.

  • DIY Christmas Ornament - Christmas calls for fun Christmas craft ideas and nothing is more Christmas friendly than making your own Christmas Ornaments. Usually, we buy the plastic ornaments that we can get at any shop or market, but a great way to boost creativity in your kids is to have them make their own. Here’s the fun part- they can make their Christmas Ornaments look like anything- their favorite superhero, hobby, sportsperson, tv-show, videogame character- all you need is paper, paint, and string! It is also a great option for DIY Christmas decorations if you are looking to celebrate this holiday more sustainably this time- by making your own!

  • DIY Christmas Cupcakes - Baking is an integral part of Christmas. The waft of delicious plum cakes and sugar cookies is what makes Christmas so special. Therefore, a fun idea for children’s activities during the holiday would be to bake Christmas-themed cupcakes. You can literally make baking child’s play by using the store-bought cake mix and baking it according to the instructions on the package and then leaving the decorations to your kids. A suggested idea is Christmas tree light-themed cupcakes- where your kids can decorate the cupcakes using frosting and traditional Christmas colors like red, green, and yellow M&M’s to make it look like Christmas Tree lights!

  • DIY Play-Dough - The best presents are homemade! Let your kids make their own playdough at home so you don’t have to rush to the store every time the playdough you have at home goes bad or goes missing! It is a great DIY idea and can be even used as DIY Christmas decorations for a play-dough Gingerbread house! For this, you will need 2 cups of flour, 2 tbsps of oil, ½ cup of salt, 2 tbsp of Cream of Tartar, 1 ½ cup of boiling water, gel food covering, and essential oil of choice. Add in all the dry ingredients first, then add in your oil, and then your boiling water. Make sure you help your kids during this part as you have to be careful with pouring the water into the mixture. Once the water has been poured, wait for a minute or two to cool, and then start kneading. Add in your coloring and scents, you can use Christmas colors and peppermint oil for a more holiday theme and knead it till it forms a ball- and you have your own playdough! You can store this in an airtight container for a month or two!

  • DIY Christmas Decor - Since sustainability is such an important topic, introduce this to your kids in a fun way in the form of DIY Christmas craft ideas, that will not only teach time to recycle and buy less plastic but will also help them create something with their own hands- and that satisfaction is truly unparalleled. You can reuse old plastic bottles, containers, glass jars, cardboard, etc to make your own Christmas decor. Maybe a refurbished plastic bottle planter, Christmas-themed glass stationery holder, DIY Christmas coasters using cardboard- you can use household items to even let your kids make presents that they can gift their friends this Christmas!

  • Christmas Carols and Skits - A great idea for holiday-themed children’s activities is to let them host a holiday-themed function for you. If you are planning to have a party this Christmas why not make your kids practice some carols or plan a skit as an event during the party. It will definitely keep them occupied in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and get them excited for the holiday. It can also help them work on their social skills as they learn to plan and collaborate with their friends and cousins to put up a show for the entire family this Christmas!

If none of the above work, remember, the lockdown taught us all a lot. Check out these activities that we suggested earlier for some lockdown entertainment (and may still be useful).

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