Give A Break To Technology - How To Keep Kids Engaged Without Any Screen Time

15 October 2020
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From the onset of lockdown up until now, our bond with our children has seen many ups and downs. There are days when you want to sit down and play with them, and then there are times when you need a break. Yes, we agree that it takes a village to raise a child but to allow him/her to watch TV for a long time can harm them in the long run.

If you are a working parent, it gets even more challenging because a child wants to be entertained all the time. With endless deadlines and a child who is filled with energy, things get out of control, and you tend to lose out on patience. We are here to give ideas on how you can encourage independent child play without any parental guilt. These are great for the younger ones who tend to lose out on patience and want a new activity almost every hour.

  • Building blocks: There is nothing more entertaining than blocks. It is one of the most fun activities for kids at home. One can play, build, create and recreate for hours. This one is great for kids who 4-5 years old.

  • Painting on the wall: If possible, dedicate a wall in the house for your kids to paint. In this way, they will not dirty any other wall and at the same time fulfil their wish of creating magic on walls. Let your little one have a go at this.

  • Creative games: There are plenty of games available that require children to create a particular piece of art or paint. The game can be based on the theme that your child is currently obsessed with. We are sure you have already tried this one out. However, kids from the age group of 4-7 years tend to love these innovative games. Learning through play activities is the best kind of learning.

  • Play-Doh: Existing since the time we were children, Play-Doh has been a great distraction for us too. Give your toddler different coloured clay, and they are good to go.

Play Time Together - Absolute Fun (And a Great Workout)

  • Role-Play: This will be a fun game for you both. You can pretend to exchange roles, or you can pretend to be anybody they like, build a story around it and enact their part. It can be one of your family games to play at home.

  • Helping in House Chores: Always make them understand the importance of helping at home. You will not believe, but they love to help. You will have to monitor their work but let them give a shot and give them credit for the hardwork. We are sure you have already tried this one before, but if it has not worked out, then try and reward them if they have done an excellent job.

  • Reading Time: Start this habit early on. Read books for them even when they are 2 or 3 years old and let them imagine it the way they like it. Let them pick the book for the day, and you can read out animatedly for some extra-fun.

Their questions are innocent, and their imagination is unlimited. Try and let their creativity flow. Letting them watch TV or engage in more screen time can limit this. Let screen time be a reward, but not a daily routine.

At Podar, we aim at providing a holistic development to all our students by providing the right skills at a very young age.

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