Here's What You Need To Know About The Opportunities Post Standard 10

17 August 2022
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ICSE, CBSE- whatever the board, post Standard 10th, the inevitable questions loom over every student’s head. While some may have a 20/20 vision about their career, some kids, understandably are confused. They might like one subject from Arts, love maths but hate physics, loves chemistry but hates biology, loves economics but hates accounts. Being confused at the tender age of 15 is completely normal and any discussion regarding educational streams should begin by acknowledging these anxieties. Going to the topic of opportunities with every stream is where the conversation gets interesting…

Science, arts, or commerce? How to choose the career path for you and all the career guidance you need.

The first thing that parents need to understand is that all streams are important and vital. Thinking that my child has no future after arts, is a myopic way to look at our current job industry where there is increasing space for everyone! Secondly, recognize and inform yourself regarding the different boards. With the new education policies, schools are allowing for much more fluidity and flexibility with your child’s streams where they can pick and choose different subjects from different fields without sticking exclusively to one!

Here is the breakdown for every stream -

Science - There is enough and more discussion about the sciences in Indian society. It is almost the default choice in every Indian household. However, there are multiple ways to go about a fulfilling scientific career. There is the usual path with NEET and JEE Entrances for engineering and medical in India. However, more and more students these days are opting to take on a fulfilling career in research, design, and coding. If your child is interested in computer science and applications, there are enough and more opportunities for them post-college and high school in the current job market. From developers to engineers, to coders- computer scientists have a fulfilling career to look forward to! Apart from the usual medical and engineering courses, there are also opportunities for systems design, medical research, space tech, and biotech- that are blossoming for young scientists!

Humanities and Social Sciences - Humanities and social sciences are the future! Earlier the impression was that art students remain unemployed, and experience little to no career growth, but the current scenario has completely changed the mindset. With the need for social scientists, public policy researchers, advocacy, and more- social sciences and humanities are truly relevant in today’s day and age. From becoming an international diplomat to a human rights lawyer to a respected social worker- a social scientist contributes massively to society! Social Entrepreneurs are also on the rise, as they help move society forward with the innovative business design!

Commerce - From accounting to well-rounded economists, to future CEOs- commerce students learn how to build and sustain businesses from the ground up. If your child has an entrepreneurial spirit and is at ease with numbers, finance, and commercial applications is the way to go! Some students go on to take on the formidable path of Chartered Accountants, to becoming respected CFAs and business people in their society!

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