How International School Curriculum Benefits Competitive Exams for Kids?

28 November 2022
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Today the opportunities for a fulfilling and lucrative career are much more than before. There are multiple courses and competitive exams that can take your child to their dream profession. However, competitive exams are a tough nut to crack. In order to seamlessly excel in these exams, a student needs years of practice to strengthen their grasp. International schools in India are gaining popularity for helping modern-day parents get the best for their children. The best schools in India, these institutions also encourage a curriculum that is challenging and uniform across the world. This not only makes switching schools easier but also facilitates your child's application to foreign universities. Apart from this, there are many more advantages of attending international school from a young age, one of them being their efficacy in preparing your child for competitive exams.

The international school curriculum
International schools curate curriculums that focus on a child's all-around development. They focus not just on academic knowledge, but also on developing problem-solving skills, general knowledge and quick-thinking abilities. Most competitive exams can easily be cracked with an in-depth knowledge of various concepts. The international school curriculum in India can help build this understanding at a very young age, making the preparation easier and stress-free for the student. For instance, one of the benefits of studying in the CBSE board is the enriched syllabus that focuses on concepts most commonly asked in competitive exams.

Technologically advanced infrastructure
Most international schools in India ensure that the students are provided with the best infrastructure. This makes understanding newer concepts easier for them. Moreover, the advanced infrastructure in international schools is not limited to smart classrooms. It promotes interactive learning through enhanced teaching methodologies, experienced and empathetic teachers and state-of-the-art installations that make learning fun. Learning feels fun, interactive and easy when it is customised to meet every child's learning patterns. This way, the child can grasp complicated concepts with relative ease and be better prepared to tackle competitive exams.

Overall development of the student
Traditionally, education in India has focused more on academic knowledge. However, there are several other skills that kids need in order to make the cut. Most competitive exams usually have an interview round where the applicant is tested on their presence of mind, values and goals. Interviews like these can be aced easily if the child has been instilled with these aspects at a young age. For instance, stage fear is usually overlooked but it can be worked on at a young age. International schools encourage individual attention and development of each student, preparing them to be responsible adults with goals and values. This prepares them to become confident adults who know how to communicate their values and ambitions with ease.

Personalised attention
The best CBSE schools in India focus on tailoring learning to a child’s needs. Apart from this, they also encourage students to understand their strengths and weaknesses and work on them to reach their goals. If a student is weak in maths, they can either choose to pursue a field that doesn’t require maths or hone their mathematical aptitude. The teachers in international schools are trained to tackle both scenarios and help a student find what works best for them. This personalised attention and development can make cracking difficult competitive exams much easier. Empathy and patience are crucial to a child's overall development and success in their professional journeys.

Your child is unique with specific temperament, aptitude, inclinations and abilities. These factors equally contribute to determining the profession that will fulfil them and help them scale. An international school curriculum in India not only instils essential values in your child but also prepares them to tackle challenges and overcome competitive exams with ease. The school syllabus is generally balanced to offer knowledge and test its limits in a competitive world. Aspects such as empathetic communication skills, social and cultural understanding, leadership abilities and creativity all contribute to success, and hence make up a large part of international schools. Competitive exams are tough to crack only if the student lacks confidence and preparation. Inculcating essential traits at a young age can help your little star tackle them without any hassle.

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