Innovation Labs & STEAM Education - The Path To Acquiring 21st Century Skills

04 August 2021
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Unlike the olden days, a Master of One Trade, today cannot survive or live happily. Today, in order to live a meaningful and successful life, you need to be a lifelong learner. You must be able to assimilate useful information from a plethora of sources, use this information to evaluate & draw accurate conclusions, think critically and solve problems creatively.

While we may agree with everything said here, it’s easier said than done, especially when you are talking about school students. The conventional school environment and academic culture in India provides little time or scope for the development of these skills. While concepts of Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering, and Math are taught in schools, the compartmentalized approach that considers every subject as separate and independent of each other leaves the learner with crippled ideas.

This probably explains why India, in spite of having an abundance of talent, has failed to make its mark as an innovator on the global forum.

With Globalisation at its peak, it is the prime responsibility of schools in India to take upon itself the job to develop and produce good global citizens.

Podar International School understands this very responsibility and thus invests in research and development of effective teaching learning solutions. One such solution is the offering of STEAM as an interdisciplinary subject.

Based on modern day pedagogical strategies of project-based and inquiry-based learning, STEAM curriculum by Podar International School provides the learners the opportunity to engage with concepts so as to acquire and hone the 4 C’s identified as critical skills in 21st Century education, namely, Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication. These strategies, and such goals, require the students to possess a workspace where they have access to the necessary tools and methods to explore new and creative problem-solving techniques, and linking multiple fields and academic disciplines. The Innovation Labs at Podar International Schools are a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with Robotic Kits, AR Content and VR Glasses. Provided to the students at no extra cost, these labs have been applauded by parents and students alike.

A testimony to the huge success of the Innovation Labs is the overwhelming support that these practices received, even during the pandemic when the students were unable to visit these labs physically. The program is currently offered from Std V to VIII and is considered to be extended across Std I to VIII once the students are physically back to school.

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