Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to CBSE Schools in Nanded

8 June 2024

Selecting a Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) school in Nanded can have a big positive influence on your child’s development both academically and personally. The admissions process to these schools, though easy, can prove difficult a parent is unprepared.
This blog delves into some common mistakes parents make during CBSE school admission in Nanded and offers helpful advice on how to prevent them.

Postponing the Admissions Process:
Delaying the admissions process is one of the common faults parents make. Many CBSE schools in Nanded have limited seats and delaying your application to these could cost you opportunities. To guarantee your child's place in these schools, it is best to begin your research on the application process well in advance.

Not Enough Research:
Every child is different. Something that works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Researching on the curriculum, facilities, calibre of the teaching staff, and extracurricular activities provided by the school is vital. This will make sure that the school suits your child's requirements and interests.

Ignoring the location and the commute:
Consider the school's location before deciding on it as this will be a part of your daily commute should you decide to avail yourself of the bus facility. Choosing a school that is far away might mean long journeys for you and your child, which could affect their general well-being, level of energy and time spent on commuting, which could be better utilised.

Visiting the school beforehand
You must pay the school a personal visit. When visiting, you can see the classrooms, lighting, ventilation and other facilities for yourself. It's required to determine whether your child would be comfortable and learn well in school.

Failure to Verify Accreditation and Affiliation:
Verify that the school you are considering is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, if that is your requirement for the school under consideration. It's also a good idea to see whether they have any additional accreditations as that gives your child the options in case they want to switch boards later.

Excessive Focus on Rankings:
Rankings and reputation are important considerations, but they shouldn't be the only ones when selecting a school. Every child is different. It's not always the case that what suits one youngster will suit another. Therefore, when making this choice, it's critical to take your child's requirements and talents into account.

Not Taking Extracurricular Activities into Account:
Remember that learning is not limited to textbooks. Activities outside of the classroom affect a child's development. Thus, don't neglect to consider the services that a school offers. This will support the development of your child's skills and interest in extracurricular activities.

Considering School's Philosophy and Values:
Every educational establishment has its philosophy and set of ideals. To provide your child with an education which teaching values that you resonate with you is essential to give your child a peaceful education.

Ignoring the Requirements for Admission:
It is important to pay attention to the admission requirements of any CBSE school in Nanded. Learn about the prerequisites, including age restrictions, entry examinations, and interviews. Your application may be rejected if you provide incorrect or incomplete information. As a result, it's critical to ask questions and make sure you fulfil all the criteria.

Not Asking Current Parents for Their Opinions:
Don't be afraid to ask other parents of already enrolled students for their opinions. Talking with them might reveal aspects of the school's culture that are strong as well as areas that could use work. You can decide by asking them for their opinion.

Disregarding Your Child's Views:
Finally, it's critical to include your child in the decision-making process. Their satisfaction and comfort at the selected institution contribute to the success of their educational journey.

Picking a CBSE school in Nanded is a decision that must be well thought out. You must ensure that your child obtains an education in a setting that supports their growth and development. Remember that your child's journey begins with the admissions process. Thus, take your time and make a wise choice which is in their best interests.


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