Podar International School Davangere Is Topping The Charts & Here’s Why

24 March 2022
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The Podar Education Network has a brand that surpasses over 94 years of expertise and has revolutionized Indian education in the modern century. From inculcating tech-based learning to diversifying the curriculum emphasizing better learning outcomes, Podar is truly one of the best schools in Davangere. Additionally, with the CBSE instruction, Podar can make your child future-ready by providing a holistic, modern, and sophisticated education that can help your child become a valuable and respectable citizen of the future. With a strong emphasis on building both character and skills, Podar truly makes a cosmopolitan citizen out of your child, preparing them for the future and the global village! Podar CBSE school has a clear focus on education, supportive staff and administration to make students feel at ease, and state-of-the-art equipment and classrooms to support the ever-growing needs of students. Here’s why Podar is truly a top school in Davangere!

  • Supreme Quality of Education - When it comes to core curriculum and teaching structure, nobody can beat Podar International School with its quality! From dedicated science labs to tech-based learning, students get the best mode of learning possible at PIS. One of the reasons that make PIS one of the best CBSE schools in Davangere is the focus on application-based learning. Students don’t just learn the essential aspects of their curriculum through rote learning, instead, they focus on effective learning outcomes, consummate understanding of learning material that breeds academic excellence in students from a young age!

  • Expert Faculty - Podar is truly a top school in Davangere because of its attention to the quality of faculty. Other than rigorous background checks, teachers go through regular training to help them be on track with their methods of teaching. Teachers at PIS follow an individualized teaching method where they make sure every student’s learning needs are taken care of. Whether it is assisting them with learning difficult topics or encouraging them to pursue their academic strengths and growth, teachers at Podar nurture your child’s mind to make them successful leaders of the future. Through supportive teaching and a structured approach to delivering course modules, PIS is one of the best schools in Davangere because of its supremely qualified staff!

  • Modern Infrastructure - Any school is as good as its infrastructure, and PIS delivers beyond expectations when it comes to that! With an expansive area with all the modern amenities when it comes to education and extra-curricular activities, education at PIS is truly a wholesome experience. With sophisticated digital learning facilities, sophisticated Edu-tech, specialized classroom technology, state-of-the-art library, multiple labs such as science labs, math labs, innovation labs, and more, PIS is truly the top school in Davangere!

  • Supportive Administration - Admitting your child to a school is a complex decision that requires a lot of planning and shortlisting. At PIS we admire and respect the pain-staking measures parents take to admit their kids to a school that checks off all the boxes and provides their kids a world-class education. This is why the administration at PIS strives to maintain a dialogue and open communication with their large parent network. With dedicated channels, parent-teacher groups, and more, guardians of students are abreast with school policies and changes, something that shone through during the pandemic!
  • PIS is truly one of the best CBSE schools in Davangere that will surely help your child succeed in the future! Find out more about admission in the upcoming academic year here.

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