Top 3 Reasons To Choose Podar International School, Tirupati

16 February 2022
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The Podar brand when it comes to education is a trusted one. With locations in multiple states of India, Podar has instilled imposing and premium standards of education wherever they go. This is why in the few years that they have been in Tirupati, they have worked and delivered to become one of the best schools in Tirupati. Podar International School is a revered international school in Tirupati known for its future-oriented teaching, supreme quality of infrastructure, and application-based learning medium. With a focus on creating future leaders and global citizens, PIS Tirupati is truly the best place for your child to receive a consummate education. Despite being just three years old, Podar International School at Tirupati has garnered love and attention for the facilities it provides, a strong faculty, and a desirable location.

State of the Art Facilities - When it comes to schooling, PIS focuses on providing a well-rounded education for its students. They focus on providing the most diverse and multi-faceted opportunities for students to discover themselves beyond the realm of their classroom. With sophisticated equipment for sports, ample clubs, and focus groups for singing, dancing, theatre, and much more- your child truly gets the holistic education they deserve. Along with these facilities, the school has a comprehensive library section to nurture their reading habits in a society where children are focused on their phones and laptops for most of the time, making PIS the best school in Tirupati!

Strong Faculty - A school is as good as its teachers and faculty members. This is why Podar International School focuses on getting only the best teachers in their respective fields to be mentors for your children. We focus on hiring teachers that can provide your kids with an education that helps them not only grasp the finer details of their syllabus but also foster a love for learning. It is truly the best CBSE school in Tirupati as it focuses on clearing concepts, training students for the exam environment and also focuses on making your children ready for the tough world of competitive exams. Having said that, Podar believes in nurturing students to become future leaders and global citizens, so teachers constantly focus on providing extra learning and development opportunities for their children. By providing a fertile ground for students to grow, learn and foster a scientific discipline for learning and discover their unique identities in the world, PIS is truly the best school in Tirupati.

Training Kids To Be the Best Version of Themselves - At PIS Tirupati, we focus on creating a seamless learning environment for children from a young age. From a primary level, children are encouraged to be innovative and independent thinkers. They are encouraged to think out-of-the-box and come up with ingenious ways of problem solving. A Podar Student will not provide the expected answer to a solution, rather they will come up with a novel and effective solution to a problem that will provide new and innovative ways to approach an issue. We create analytical and open-minded thinkers who not only have great ideas but have the ability to incorporate flexibility and multiple perspectives in their way of thinking. We develop adept communicators who make their ideas known with a level of sophisticated eloquence, clarity, and assertiveness that makes them adept to be the future leaders of our society!

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