Top Reasons Why Sports Play a Vital Role in Children's Life

18 July 2022
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Whenever we look back at our childhood, some key treasured moments keep resurfacing, and often they are related to a sport that we played when we were young. Playing a sport is one of those key defining experiences that every child should experience for character growth and development, along with the physical benefits that come with it. Whether it is a team sport or a solo sport, a child learns a lot when playing a game- focus, patience, discipline, teamwork, failure, and endurance are just some of the key learnings from playing a sport. From a scientific point of view, playing a sport is great for a child’s physical growth and brain development, as playing a game employs cognitive, spatial, and problem-solving skills that are great for your children to reach certain milestones related to brain development.

From building a competitive approach to helping gain physical strength and more, here's why sports play a vital role in children's life -

  • Building Character - Playing a sport is a great way for your child to build character and develop a unique personality. Competing in games gives them the opportunity to delve deeper and use their character to provide them with strength and motivation to compete against tough opponents. Winning games gives them confidence, vigor, and the much-needed boost to create a positive mental environment for them. Even losing a game gives them the opportunity to reflect, heal, and plan things differently to make sure they do better next time. Competing from a young age helps your child get acclimatized to the highly competitive professional environment as they get older.

  • Teamwork - In today’s day and age, where kids are hooked on their phones and digital devices for a long time without virtually having any human contact for extended periods of time, playing a team sport can help with your child’s socialization and networking skills. Playing a team sport helps your child make lifelong friends as teammates have a lasting bond that gets them through multiple wins and losses over the years. Playing in a team, building bonds, thinking about others, and encouraging prosocial behaviors are just some of the highlights of playing a team sport!

  • Increasing Physical Strength - At a young age, children have to meet some physical and mental milestones to make sure that they are on track with their development and growth. Playing a sport can help your child’s physical growth and support their immunity, bone density, and cardiovascular functions and prevent obesity. Playing a sport also helps your child build a faster metabolism and helps maintain their height and weight.

  • Better Mental Health Outcome- As the world opens itself to important conversations centering around mental health, it is relevant to mention that playing a sport from a young age has a positive impact on your child’s mental health from a very young age. Engaging in any kind of physical sport releases your body’s natural feel-good hormones called dopamine that help regulate mood and reduce the risk of developing mental health disorders like anxiety and depression, which are very common at a young age, especially among teenagers.

Whether it is a game of cricket in the colony, or learning how to play badminton professionally, playing a sport at a young age is beneficial for your child and should be encouraged for all children!

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