What Is Soft Skill Development & How To Develop Them

28 October 2021
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We are all beginning to understand that just subject knowledge and aptitude for academics are not enough for your child to get an edge. Presentation and conversational schools, spoken English, communication cues, body language- these are all essential components of a well-rounded development. A child should not only understand how to put two and two together but also develop skills to explain the same, with flair (you can read more about the importance of skill development).

Soft skills are the underbelly of effective communication as it commands attention and radiates confidence. Personality traits, behavior, effective communication, and such fall under soft skills and it's important for kids to develop them from an early age. Here, we break down their types and how to develop them.

Effective Communication - Personal development skills for kids begin with the foundation of effective communication. To ensure that our kids are able to communicate seamlessly, we need to set the stage for them. We need to be cogent and clear in our communications with them as children internalize a lot of traits from their parents, their ultimate role models. Create an environment of effective communication by clearly defining your expectations regarding tasks around the house. Take some time out of your day to have a conversation with your child, and ask them about the recent events of their day and encourage them to talk about their feelings regarding the event, positive or negative. This helps create a habit in kids to communicate their thoughts in a more organized way as they grow older, making them better communicators, an important aspect of soft skill development.

Body Language - Skill development, especially soft skills, has to include proper body language. Your child's body language sets the tone of their presence even before they utter a word. Foster good body language skills in your kids from a young age, so that these skills are natural to them as they grow up. Not slouching while talking, having good intonation, maintaining eye contact, keeping a good posture, using appropriate hand gestures, speaking in clear sentences, etc are some important aspects of personal development skills with regards to body language that your child needs to learn. The next time they are reading their favorite story, make a game out of it, so you can teach body language. Ask them to read it in clear sentences and with good intonation, for every correct display of body language they win a point, and if incorrect, they lose one.

Polite Behaviour - We often accord behavior with less importance, but good behavior is one of the markers of your child's soft skills. A polite and well-mannered child has a greater influence than those who display indifference to such skills. Your child's behaviour, good or bad, can heavily affect people's impressions. Small and basic habits such as greeting their teachers and elders, holding the door for others, standing up to wish elders, saying thank you- such basic behavioral habits can go a long way in generating positive impressions on others. Ingrain these behavioral traits in your children from a young age, to make them a part of their personality. A well-mannered child can have a much more positive effect on an audience than an ill-mannered genius!

Personality Development - Skill development, especially soft skills have a greater effect when they are coupled with a great personality. Leadership and interpersonal skills are some of the most important skills for personal development. Kind and compassionate kids have a much more positive effect on the community than kids who are just rooted in academics. Soft skill development can be accelerated at home by positive role models at home. Take your kids out to homeless shelters and food and clothing drives. Take the initiative to enroll your child as a volunteer in charitable activities from a young age to help develop empathy and compassion. Personal development skills begin at home, and they should be started early so that kids understand that these virtues should become a consistent part of their outlook towards life.

Learning Through Play - Problem-solving and teamwork are essential personal development skills that boost your child's soft skills. An effective way to ingrain these skills is by learning through play. Enroll your child in team sports and encourage them to meet new kids their age to help better their social skills and help build teamwork. By using puzzles and board games you can also increase your kid’s problem-solving skills through fun games and activities!

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