What Makes Podar A Preferred Schooling Option In Goa?

22 March 2022
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The Podar Education Network has been around for more than 94 years and in that time, they have truly revolutionised modern education in India. The reason for their success is deep rooted in traditional Indian values of honesty, integrity and service. This is made even more noble knowing that the first President of the Podar Trust happens to be none other but the Father of our Nation- Mahatma Gandhi. The Podar Education Network has constantly proved itself to be a trailblazer when it comes to education in India through their interactive and innovative learning methods, an impeccable scholastic record and a commitment to providing holistic education that goes beyond the four walls of a classroom. This is precisely why Podar is one of the best schools in Goa! Goa has a great combination of both local and migrant population. Podar CBSE school has a clear focus on education, a supportive staff and administration to make students feel at ease and mainly state-of-the-art equipment and classrooms to support the ever-growing needs of students.

  1. World Class Education - Podar is truly one of the best schools in Panjim! Affiliated to the CBSE board, Podar truly prepares your child for the real world. By incorporating traditional classroom training methods with tech, children are truly getting the best of both worlds when it comes to their education. It is important to create a strong foundation in core subjects and Podar does just that which makes it one of the best cbse schools in Panjim, Goa. Through a focus on vocational training, application based learning and strong foundational training, Podar fosters a love for learning from an early age.

  2. High Quality Facilities - Podar believes in creating well-rounded personalities and that includes inculcating a love for extra-curricular activities that take students out of the classroom! It is important to let students be children first, which is why there is a continued commitment to providing state of the art infrastructure to our students. Whether it is a fully equipped gym, a sports center, dance and music clubs, art clubs and more- children truly get to nurture their best selves when they study at Podar, which is precisely why it is one of the best schools in Goa.

  3. Supportive Staff - What makes Podar one of the best schools in Panjim, Goa is the supportive staff and administration. Podar believes in maintaining an open channel of communication with parents, and collaborating to decide what’s good for the students. The teaching staff at Podar strive to create a nurturing and healthy environment for students that foster a love for learning and also create an environment for empathy, compassion and kindness. By showing the beauty in diversity and adopting an international approach to education, the staff supports your child in becoming a responsible and worldly citizen of the future.

  4. Future Oriented Training - One of the most important outcomes of education should be that the student is ready for the open world competition. Podar builds students and mindsets that are trained to function on the global stage. With a focus on digitization of education through ed-tech and sophisticated classroom technology, Podar is definitely one of the best CBSE schools of Panjim. Through an emphasis on equipping students with the necessary tech skills that are so in demand these days, Podar helps students be of service to their nation and the world!

If you want to enroll your child in Podar International School, Goa this academic year, click here to know more about the admission process!

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