Why Is Podar Considered One of the Best CBSE Schools in Ahmednagar?

29 May 2024

Podar International School is the premier choice amongst CBSE schools in Ahmednagar, and it is known for its dedication to academic brilliance, holistic development, and innovative teaching methods. Podar International School has been redefining education for more than eight decades by ensuring an atmosphere where students can learn and grow. Let’s understand why Podar International School is one of the best CBSE school in Ahmednagar.

The Podar Legacy
Podar Education Group has a long and lasting history. We have dedicated the last 90 years to advancing education in India, with quality and inclusivity as our focus. Podar International Schools and Podar Partner Schools serve more than 2,30,000 students annually. We support them as lifelong learners, instil moral principles, and provide them with the tools they need to become an asset to the country. Podar International School, Ahmednagar’s management, brings together a fantastic learning community. We aim to create globally engaged, self-sufficient individuals by implementing a widely recognised curriculum and methods based on learner-centric education.

Inclusive Education Initiatives
The main goal of the Podar International School, Ahmednagar’s Inclusive Education Cell (IEC) is to support our student’s needs with various behavioural, emotional, and learning difficulties they encounter as they develop. In addition to helping children with special needs, early childhood education (IEC) examines each child's daily learning, behavioural, and emotional challenges. The main objective is to promote school mental health and highlight students' holistic development and support systems. A counsellor is on hand at our school to assist students in resolving issues and creating positive school days.

Innovative Learning Programs
At Podar, we believe learning can be fun, and we make something as boring as spelling an exciting activity! Even though spelling is essential to studying languages and other disciplines, spelling may be difficult for students. Considering this, Podar Innovation Centre at PIS, Ahmednagar, launched the "Spell the Beans" campaign to help pupils remember spellings through enjoyable and engaging activities included in the curriculum for grades III through IX. The greatest way for students to learn is via doing. The Podar Innovation Centre has launched a Theatre in Education programme that supports the learning process beyond academics by including play activities and interactive theatre techniques. Students can experience and understand topics, improve performance, hone communication skills, and build confidence via our Theatre in Education programme.

The Safety Promise
Thanks to our reliable and safe transport services, students at Podar International School, Ahmednagar, can benefit from high-quality education without worrying about their journey. Our goal is to give each child the finest possible school transport service while maintaining the highest standards of comfort and safety. Our transport team is working to improve our service above the competition by doing research, developing new procedures, and putting them into effect.

Benefits of the CBSE Board
CBSE is the largest education board in the nation, with over 21,000 schools connected to it domestically and internationally. The Pan-Indian curriculum provides students ease of transferability around the nation by sharing a similar foundation. It allows for a high degree of customisation based on the student profile and the school, making it suitable for various educational settings. The CBSE Board is forward-thinking, having spearheaded recent reforms in education and adhering to its concept of adapting to the changing circumstances. The content and methodology of the curriculum are continuously evaluated and updated, and new courses required in today's ever-changing world are included.

Podar International Schools has remained relentless in its commitment to academic excellence, comprehensive development, and innovative teaching methods, cementing its position as one of the finest CBSE schools in Ahmednagar.

With a history built on nurturing young minds and enabling students to realise their full potential, Podar remains unchallenged in benchmarking education standards. As a shining example of educational excellence, Podar International School, Ahmednagar, truly stands out with its detailed curriculum, modern facilities and devoted educators.


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