Why Should A Parent Enroll Their Child In PIS Jabalpur?

16 March 2022
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The Podar Education Network is truly one of the most elite and trusted network in India when it comes to academics. With over 94 years of experience, Podar has time and again proved itself to be a trusted and premium academic network that is revolutionising education in India. Podar’s immaculate record in their storied history is a testament to the fact that PIS is truly one of the best schools in Jabalpur. Podar focuses on making worldly and kind citizens out of students and giving them a well rounded education that is just not limited to books and classrooms. With the digital world expanding in leaps and bounds, PIS constantly positions itself to be more future oriented to equip students with useful skills. With a knack for innovation, PIS truly encourages kids to be inventive, resourceful and insightful instead of burying their heads in books and the curriculum. Fantastic infrastructure and facilities for the holistic development of the students, among other reasons makes PIS Jabalpur a preferred choice for parents.

  1. High Quality of Education - The one differentiator that makes PIS the best CBSE school in Jabalpur is that they provide the most supreme quality of education. CBSE as a board truly prepares students for the future, making them more adept and prepared for entrances, and PIS enhances the curriculum with their structures and application oriented medium of instruction. PIS Jabalpur is truly revolutionising classroom methods of teaching by including tech-based learning, pushing students to be more innovative through interesting projects and creating a wholesome learning environment that goes beyond the ambit of classroom teaching. This holistic approach to learning makes PIS one of the best schools in Jabalpur.

  2. State of the art Infrastructure - When your child studies at PIS Jabalpur, they are truly getting a world-class education that will prepare them to become citizens of the future. To preoare children for the digital revolution, it is important to have the necessary infrastructure to help build adept and innovative adults who will change the world. This attention to detail is the reason why PIS is truly one the best CBSE schools in Jabalpur. With heavy investments in Ed-tech, classroom technology, and provisions of science and math labs, PIS prepares students to go beyond their prescribed curriculum and actually understand their subject at its core. PIS also believes in creating well-rounded personalities which is why there is enough and more facilities for extra-curricular activities like a sophisticated sports center, arts, dance and music classes open to all students!

  3. All-Rounded Development for Students - Teachers and staff at PIS are encouraged to create well-rounded personalities that go beyond the limitations of the prescribed syllabus. As the world gets more competitive, it is important for students to understand that kindness, empathy and compassion are important aspects of one’s character that helps them become responsible citizens. We aim to create mindful citizens of the future who create a gentler world and are more responsible when it comes to the environment, their surroundings and the people in their lives!

  4. Expert Faculty - PIS is truly one of the best schools in Jabalpur because of its expert faculty. PIS goes to great lengths to do stringent background checks of its teachers and faculty to ensure the most high quality education for their students. Apart from that, PIS aims to upskill their teachers on a regular basis through their Teachnique Training program that helps teachers to evolve their teaching methods to match the digital age, something that was very important during the pandemic!

PIS is truly the best choice for your child if you are looking to enroll your kids in this upcoming academic year! Click here to find out how you can get your child the best education in Jabalpur!

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